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Bustr is not just a place to Swipe, but to Love

When it comes to casual online dating, apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hily, and OkCupid come to mind. But things are different when people are looking for specific dates when they need to tap into a niche. For example, when hot plus-size women decide to seek relationships through dating apps, their first choice is definitely BBW dating apps, not Tinder.

The overweight population, which exceeds 70% of the nation’s population, has created a huge user base for the BBW dating space to become the hottest segment, but it’s the impressive dating apps that are the fundamental reason for holding on to them. At the same time, the specificity of the overweight population also dictates that most of them use dating apps for the purpose of love, rather than simply swiping to pass the time and find a sexual partner. Therefore, whether an app can help users find the right date becomes the judgment of BBW dating apps and Bustr has certainly done a good job in this regard.

According to a survey conducted by a well-known research center in March this year, Bustr made a total of about 80,000 matches in the whole of last year and successfully converted 27% of those 80,000 matches into marriages and relationships, which is significantly higher than the average of online dating. “Coming for love is the most obvious characteristic of our user base, and we’ve worked hard to meet them,” said Robin, Bustr’s Director of Marketing. “A lot of data shows that we’re doing just fine, and experiences shared from real users validate this, like the three below”, he added.

“The truth is, I didn’t realize how fascinating Bustr was before until I met the right people here. Thank goodness I ended up making the right choice. We went from meeting to meeting, to getting married in six months, but we’re going to love for the rest of our lives. If you are a firm believer that there is true love online, I have to give you credit and hope you keep believing.”

“No one snickered at me because of my size. The vast majority of guys are polite and the girls are fun. People are always very willing to talk about topics related to serious relationships, which is comforting to me. I don’t know if I’m likely to find a guy I like here. Whatever, I’m happy, at least for now.”

“I wanted to get myself out of the sadness of breaking up with my boyfriend, so I didn’t keep trying online dating for a while. I didn’t know if it worked, but Bustr did. Are there no good boys in this world? Apparently not, there are plenty here.”

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