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Let's all just appreciate all the bootylicious behinds in the world by looking at some great butt-themed memes.

All the very best memes appreciating bootylicious behinds

Booties, behinds, butts, badonkadonks – there are countless words to refer to a curvy rear end and there’s a reason why many women constantly try to find new ways on how to get a bigger bum. For whatever reason, humans find enlarged gluteus maximuses to be pretty darn aesthetically pleasing. There’s likely a biological reason why that we could find by Googling, but really, who needs the why, when you can just accept it as truth?

So, in celebration of bootylicious behinds we’ve compiled some of our very favorite memes celebrating excellent & curvaceous women’s posteriors. Because, well, let’s just face it – most of us like big butts, we just can’t lie about it.

Obvious joke acknowledged

We already made the joke once in this article, and now that we’ve officially posted a meme about the most famous butt song of all we promise not to make the joke again.

Squinting really hard

Uh, okay, we know most of the Kardashians can claim the title of bootylicious, however this image clearly shows there’s an exception. Does Kendall Jenner even have a butt?

Sage advice

Hey, does someone want to tell Kendall Jenner about this? Or at least whoever wrote that article calling her bootylicious?

Respect the booty

These days women have specific workouts to have an impressive butt. Make sure to put some respect on the name of anyone who has achieved rear end greatness through squats because she could probably also drop kick you if she needs to.

The best curve

Listen, there is room enough in our hearts to appreciate both a great smile and a great behind.

One to send your significant other

This isn’t right for every relationship, but if your significant other knows how much you appreciate their booty then why not shoot them this meme one morning to make them laugh?

Kitty knows what’s up

Cats are pretty proud of their behinds – so much so they’re constantly shoving them in their humans’ faces. While this may not be entirely desirable, we have to hand it to our feline friends for knowing how important a good butt is.

Want to accentuate your own beautiful curves? Our friends Chimba Jeans make every booty look bootylicious.

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