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Bitcoin has taken some hits as of late. Here's a breakdown of what's been going on with Bitcoin and other crypto investors.

Bitcoin and Other Crypto Investors Lost $750 Billion In Just a Week!

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is subjected to an encrypted mechanism. Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies or altcoins had an extremely disastrous weekend. The week 13th of May to 20th of may just shattered the crypto industry. The losses confronted by the investors and bitcoin intra traders just lost an unbearable amount in just a week. 

The market crash of the crypto industry has just declined the value of bitcoin and ethereum alongside other cryptocurrencies. Meme tokens like dogecoin are reduced to half of the deal after the crypto crash. The crypto crackdown of china is claimed to be one of the prominent reasons for the crypto market crash; however, conferring dexterous analysts and economists the inclining inflation played a significant role in the impact. There are websites like immediate edge, ( click here ), which can help you in getting only productive results in the crypto journey.  

The crypto investors just lost $748 billion in merely a week as 1 trillion units were wiped out of the crypto industry after the announcement of china on cracking down cryptocurrencies alongside the tweet of Elon musk. Below mentioned is everything you need to know about the recent market loss of crypto investors; let’s dive in.

The Market Cap of Entire Crypto Industry Just Declined to Half!

The crypto industry has become a mainstream subject. Moreover, the market cap of the crypto industry is just similar to any other sector in the marketplace. However, the market dominance of the crypto industry is exceedingly significant. The market cap of the entire crypto industry was 2.3 trillion dollars before these instances. However, the market cap of the only bitcoin was 1 trillion dollars at the very foremost events of May. 

Subsequent to the crypto crash led by China, an intensifying crackdown declined the market cap of the crypto industry by 1.1 trillion dollars. The sudden downfall in the market cap cost the entire crypto investor chain an amount of $750 dollars. Yes, you read it right. The carnage led by the crypto crash has adversely affected the wallets of these crypto investors. The trading volume on the day of the impact was so intense that the server of trustable exchange crashed.

Moreover, the intensified trading volume inclined the transaction fees and gas fees of converting the cryptocurrencies in the fiat currencies, which end up rendering a frustrating experience to the traders. However, the decentralized bitcoin exchange forums neither even expanded the transaction fees nor were there any complications subjected to the scalability factors.

How Much Is Bitcoin Declined After the Crash?

The price of bitcoin was enormously declined after the crash; the absolute price of bitcoin before the crash was $48,689. The minimal cost hit by bitcoin by the end of the crypto crash was $34000; other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum and dogecoin declined almost half of the actual price. The price of ethereum before the collision was $3800, and the crash dropped the price of ethereum to 2200 dollars, whereas the utmost sizzling meme token was wanted by 39%, the cost of dogecoin before the crash 52 cents.

Alongside the inflation and china crackdown, the co-founder of tesla motors is claimed to be the reason behind the crash. In the instance Elon musk tweeted to refuse bitcoin as a payment method, the price of bitcoin declined by 19%, which made the regular crypto quite a frustrating scenario. Following the progression, a new flanged cryptocurrency named stop Elon was created. There were ample unproven allegations on Elon musk that he influenced the price of bitcoin just by tweeting some statements in a highly irresponsible manner.

Will bitcoin ever bounce back?

Bitcoin is basically known for the restoration power rendered by the complex. However, the scenario at this instance is highly diversified. Bitcoin has suffered a lot in the past few days, but the actual good news for the crypto watchers is that bitcoin is already on the progression route of restoration. On the 24th of may, bitcoin was trading at a price of $38000; since the lowest of the previous week was $30000, bitcoin has rendered a growth of 19%. Moreover, according to the analysts of the crypto industry, the dip is the right opportunity to buy bitcoin, whereas few of them are indicating many more losses to come. 

These are some of the crucial facts regarding the losses confronted by crypto investors.

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