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Lucky for you, if you just want to bask in Wang Yibo’s gorgeousness, we have 5 favorite Wang Yibo photoshoots that we’d love to share with you.

Wang Yibo’s 5 best photo shoots

The Untamed opened up a brand new world to people who maybe weren’t that interested in the various dramas from the East. With the excellent storytelling, the gorgeous costuming, and the pitch-perfect acting, Western fans are really starting to take a bigger notice.

At the center of this is The Untamed star Wang Yibo, who played Lan Wangi in the series. Wang Yibo has a ton of adoring fans already, but if you hopped onboard following The Untamed, then you probably feel like you’re playing catch up.

Lucky for you, if you just want to bask in Wang Yibo’s gorgeousness, we have five favorite photoshoots that we’d love to share with you. 

Harper’s Bazaar China 

This spread is a favorite of Film Daily’s expert on all things The Untamed, Nikki Revell. Wang Yibo and his co-star Xiao Zhan dress in both costumes from The Untamed along with more “modern” vintage clothing. It’s a pretty gorgeous spread for the two, who already won over fans with The Untamed.

So really, if you want to see both of the stars of the series together. Then this is definitely the best photoshoot to swoon over for our money. 


Wang Yibo rocking some gorgeous suits? Yes. Yes. Please. He’s also on a boat for some of this. So, you know, it’s a perfect time for some maximum fantasy as you gaze at the picture. You both are on a yacht. Wang Yibo is in a killer checker suit that he’s working like hell, get out. 

There’s champagne and good food and Wang Yibo. It’s pretty much made for all to just drift away.

Sorry, that was a boat pun.


This one is a little bit older done back when Wang Yibo was in UNIQ, but it’s a good one. Plus look at him! He’s baby Wang Yibo in these images. There’s not too many of them, but our fave is with him in what looks like a cabbie hat and a dark blue ribbed knit turtleneck. Wang Yibo looks amazing in all colors, but this photo is particularly speaking to us, you know?

OK! China

Hello, Wang Yibo rocking some blue highlights and a blazer. Yes, please. The photoshoot from OK! China is definitely gorgeous, but our favorite is the aforementioned blazer. Not many men can pull off that look, but Wang Yibo makes it look utterly effortless.

Men’s Uno Young

This photoshoot of Wang Yibo has everything. Holding flowers while in a leather trench coat? Check. Showing off his shoulder in a big cozy knit sweater? Check. Wearing a yellow checked shirt with a teal tie and making it work? Check. 

All while having a pensive look on his face that will make any Wang Yibo stan swoon? Check. Check. Check. It’s just a great photoshoot to make any fan swoon.

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  • Wang Yibo a delight to see such versatility. You make the characters come to life. Do look forward to more of you in yr songs and drama series and with Xiao Zhan would be a gift for all us fans.

    February 22, 2020
  • Buenas recomendaciones ?. Lastima que esas revistas no llegue a México ?? y por internet vuelan ??, cómo la de Cosmopolita.
    En definitiva Yibo es un chico muy sexi y fotogénico ?.

    March 3, 2020
  • He’s kinda person who turns his hobby into money. A dance mentor, a racer pro. Who know? we may see Yibo the magician in the near future.

    April 17, 2020
  • Greetings. I truly like Wang Yibo personality and style. I have just come to know of him by me searching netflix for a movie and I chose the untamed which I very much enjoyed. I really enjoyed watching him portray Lan Zhan and feel that he did an excellent job. I personally love my leo” and and my Lions to the fullest . Well I don’t like to talk much because I feel like it is not necessary to burn unnecessary energy so I share this to show Wang some love. One-Love

    June 15, 2020

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