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Authors On Mission Review: The Good, The Bad, and What It Costs

As a health coach seeking to publish a book highlighting my unique approach to holistic wellness, I knew writing a manuscript would be impossible solo with my already overloaded schedule.

After researching options for professional writing help, I landed on Authors On Mission – a done-for-you publishing firm specializing in ghostwriting and end-to-end book creation services.

Their website promised an easy, frustration-free path to becoming an author that resonated with my goals. But as a first-timer, I wondered…could they deliver high quality at reasonable costs tailored to my niche?

Below I’ll review my firsthand experience working with Authors On Mission, including the good, and bad, and what I ultimately paid to bring my published book dreams to reality.

The Good – Where Authors On Mission Shines

Choosing to work with Authors On Mission ended up being one of the best business decisions towards furthering my coaching practice through published authority status. Here were clear standouts:

Dedicated Expert Ghostwriting

My assigned ghostwriter Lisa instantly connected with my health vision through initial interviews and perfectly translated my voice into empowering written form across 15 chapters. Her curiosity led to profoundly articulating my methodologies.

Having a book written FOR me based on recorded conversations allowed me to retain 100% control of content while skipping the grueling solo writing process.

Polished End-Result

After ghostwriting, AOM’s editing team enhanced the manuscript coherence and flow. My book shines start to finish thanks to their thorough fine-tuning aligned to my coaching brand tonality.

Visually Stunning Custom Design

I lacked creative visual direction but their graphics team delivered a book cover and interior illustrations that pop beautifully while staying true to my niche.

Full-Service Publishing

From securing my ISBN number to distributing across major retailer platforms, AOM eliminated huge logistical burdens so I could focus solely on writing. They made the publishing process easy for me as a non-techy first-timer.

The Bad – Potential Limitations

While mostly exceptional assistance streamlining book creation, there were a couple of downsides needing transparent expectations:

Process Needs Dedicated Time Investment

To progress smoothly week-to-week with my ghostwriter, consistently carving out hours for interviews and draft reviews was mandatory. Without prompt responses stalling momentum, projects risk going off the rails.

Niche Experience Varies

While my health writer knocked it out of the park, the writers assigned may or may not directly match your precise field. Discern how adaptable they are in learning niche intricacies.

What It Cost: Breakdown Of Investment

My total end-to-end investment collaborating with Authors On Mission was $30,000. 

Investment at the higher end but felt reasonable given the immense logistical assistance received as a novice author.

Compared to attempting a solo, I conservatively saved 200+ hours struggling. More importantly, I gained a book and personal brand now viewed as an industry thought leader. Intangible credibility elevates my professional status and revenues.

For first-timers writing a book primarily to amplify authority like myself, Authors On Mission handled the full scope of complex production details across writing, design, and publishing. Well worth costs that could’ve easily ballooned struggling alone.

Final Verdict: Worthwhile For Publishing Newbies

If debating working with Authors On Mission as an inexperienced author, understand upfront this is a premium service, not the cheapest ghostwriting around. Significant time and financial commitment are involved.

However, their tailored, hand-holding approach makes book publishing achievable for those struggling independently. For personal brand visibility gains through an authority asset like mine now achieving, Authors On Mission delivered worthwhile ROI that otherwise felt unattainable.

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