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Asbestos Removal Albion: Why It’s Important for Health and Safety


Asbestos, a once highly sought-after material in the construction industry, has become a notorious health hazard. Australia, including our very own Albion, has a deep-rooted history with asbestos. In this blog post, we’re going to delve into the ins and outs of asbestos, its historical usage, and why professional removal in Albion is critical for health and safety.

History of Asbestos Usage in Australia

Going back in time, asbestos was widely used in Australia from the early 1900s up to the late 1980s. It was valued for its heat-resistant, insulating, and fireproof properties. However, this “miracle mineral” has cast a dark shadow over numerous homes and buildings in Albion, tucked away in hidden corners, posing a silent threat.

Health Hazards of Asbestos

Now, let’s touch on the stark reality. Inhaling asbestos fibres can lead to serious health complications. These microscopic fibres can become lodged in the lungs, causing inflammation and scarring. Over time, this can lead to diseases such as Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, and Lung cancer. The scary part? These diseases can take years or even decades to manifest. By then, it’s often too late.

Legal Regulations in Australia Regarding Asbestos Removal

When it comes to Australian legal regulations around asbestos, they are pretty stringent. For instance, in Queensland, where Albion is situated, handling and removing asbestos is heavily regulated. Only licensed professionals are legally allowed to remove more than 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos. This isn’t just red tape – it’s a measure designed to protect public health.

The Importance of Professional Asbestos Removal

You might be thinking, “Can’t I just do it myself?” Here’s the thing – the dangers associated with DIY asbestos removal are grave. Professional asbestos removal Albion, on the other hand, follows a strict, well-defined process. Trained professionals wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) first isolate the area, then carefully remove and dispose of the asbestos, minimizing the risk of fibres becoming airborne.

Case Study: Asbestos Removal in Albion

Let’s look at a real-life example. In a recent project in Albion, a professional asbestos removal company safely stripped a heritage-listed house of its asbestos-containing materials. Their methodical approach not only ensured the safety of the residents but also of the wider community. It’s an exemplary demonstration of how asbestos removal contributes significantly to health and safety.

How to Identify Asbestos in Your Home or Building

At this point, you might wonder, “How can I know if my building has asbestos?” That’s a great question. It’s tough for the untrained eye to identify asbestos. If your home was built or renovated before the late 1980s, there’s a chance asbestos might be present. However, you should never try to confirm this yourself. Always contact a professional for an asbestos inspection.


As we’ve seen, asbestos removal in Albion is no small matter. It’s not just about improving the aesthetics of your home or building. It’s about safeguarding your health, the health of your loved ones, and the wider community. If you suspect the presence of asbestos, don’t take a gamble – get in touch with a professional right away.

Q1: Why should I choose HMG for asbestos removal or inspection?

A1: HMG is a top-tier asbestos removal and inspection company with over 27 years of experience. We’ve served the Brisbane area extensively and have an in-depth understanding of asbestos-related issues unique to this region. Our commitment to safety, stringent adherence to Australian asbestos laws, and customer-centric approach set us apart in the industry.

Q2: What kind of experience does HMG have in handling asbestos?

A2: With more than 27 years in the business, we’ve handled a wide range of asbestos-related cases. From residential homes to commercial properties, we’ve seen it all and have developed efficient, effective procedures for safe asbestos removal and disposal. Our seasoned team is adept at handling both friable and non-friable asbestos.

Q3: How does HMG ensure safety during asbestos removal?

A3: At HMG, safety is our topmost priority. Our licensed professionals always use personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow strict procedures to minimise the risk of asbestos fibres becoming airborne. We isolate the affected area, ensure meticulous removal, and follow proper disposal procedures in compliance with Queensland regulations.

Q4: Can HMG help me identify if my home or building has asbestos?

A4: Absolutely! HMG offers professional commercial asbestos inspection services. Our experienced team can accurately identify the presence of asbestos in your home or building, even if it’s hidden. If asbestos is detected, we’ll guide you through the next steps and design a customized asbestos management plan to ensure the safety of all inhabitants.

Q5: Does HMG serve areas outside of Brisbane?

A5: While our primary operations are in Brisbane, we do extend our services to surrounding areas. Please contact us to discuss your needs and location; we’ll do our best to assist you in making your environment asbestos-free. Your health and safety are our paramount concern.

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