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ADO ebike Black Friday: The Best Black Friday Electric Bike Deals

It’s hard to believe that Black Friday used to be right after Thanksgiving. But apparently, that’s a distant memory for the electric bicycle industry. 

Even though it’s only the beginning of November, ADO, a popular ebike brand, has already started offering Early Black Friday deals for ebike in early November. 

So If you’re looking for a bargain on an e-bike, it’s worth checking the ADO ebike Black Friday. This is great news for people looking to buy a Christmas gift and save some money on buying an electric bike. 

This Black Friday 2022 at ADO is going to be legendary
ADO has surprised us all with the early black Friday deals. You can discover the Black Friday ebike sale on their website from the comfort of your home. 

Consider it a Christmas gift from ADO, whose sales were already going crazy in the European and British markets yet ADO offered a full 20% off on all the ADO products and battery bundles. 

  • Delivery: On the occasion of the best-known Black Friday ebike sale, the company is offering 48 hours (working days) fast doorstep delivery in countries with warehouses like Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria and Netherlands. 
  • Service: People who will be participating in the Adoebike Black Friday will get VIP support, which is lifetime customer service from the company. 
  • Shipping: This one is huge, where transportation and supply chain costs are skyrocketing, and brands have started increasing delivery prices; the ADO ebike Black Friday offers free delivery of all products worldwide. This separately saves 100s of bucks of high delivery costs besides the additional 20% on the electric bike’s pricing. 
  • After Sales Services: The company has a huge collection, from classic electric bikes to fat tire folding electric bikes with advanced features. ADO is offering ease of local replacement parts 
  • Pricing: There is a full 20% off, no up to or any fake discounts, offering a completely steal deal for e-bike lovers. 

How to find the best black Friday ebike deals?
We have researched so you don’t have to. Here we’ve highlighted a few popular different categories of ebikes models from ADO that are a part of the Black Friday ebike sale.

#1: Folding Electric Bikes or Commuter Electric Bikes – Cross your city without going out of charge
Folding electric bikes are a great choice for city and urban cycling because they’re more compact and can navigate through crowds and traffic more easily. 

Plus, their smaller size means you can comfortably ride down narrower paths like sidewalks and alleyways.

Folding electric bikes are among the top and most popular categories of ebikes from ADO. The ADO foldable ebike has a smart and handy tri-fold folding frame that can be opened and closed in a mere 10 seconds. This ultra-thin frame of ADO A20+ Folding Electric Bike is 90*43*70 cm and weighs only 24kgs.

You can easily carry the ADO foldable ebike with you in public transport, officers and your car.
Here are some popular folding electric bike models you can buy on the Black Friday ebike best sale:

  • ADO A16+ Lightweight Folding Electric Bike – €669
  • ADO A20+ Folding Electric Bike – €769
  • ADO A16 XE Folding Electric Bike – €969
  • ADO A20 XE Folding Electric Bike –  €1199

For detailed technical specifications of each bike, visit the company’s website. 

#2: Fat tire Electric Bikes – Best Combo of Power & Style
Electric Mountain bikes are like the Jeep of the electric bike world. They are also called fat tire electric bikes as they consist of wider and bigger tires as compared to other electric bikes. 

They’re versatile and practical, and they’re built to handle rough terrain. That makes them perfect for all-terrain; whether you want to ride on bumpy mountains, muddy surfaces or on plain main city roads, these bikes can go anywhere and do anything. 

Mountain bikes usually have more powerful motors, so they can handle hills and steep slopes easily and comfortably.
Here are some popular fat tire electric bike models you can buy on the Black Friday ebike sale:

  • ADO A20F+ Fat tyre electric Bike – €949
  • ADO A20F XE Fat Tyre Electric Bike €1,469

For detailed technical specifications of each bike, visit the company’s website.

#3: High Step Classic Electric Bikes – Same Traditional look but advanced features
High-step electric bikes are a great option for those who want the convenience of a bicycle without all the pedalling. They look very similar to regular bicycles in many ways, but don’t let their looks fool you – commuter ebikes are much faster and more efficient. Whether you’re looking to save time or get a workout, a high-step e-bike is a great choice for daily commuting.

Pedal-assist electric bikes can provide extra power and range to riders, making commuting quicker and easier. If you’re looking for the best bang for buck deals, then check out the following models that are part of the Black Friday ebike sale

  • A26+ Electric Bike – €769
  • DECE 300C Hybrid Commuter Electric Bike – €1,399
  • DECE 300 Hybrid Commuter Electric Bike  – €1,699

For detailed technical specifications of each bike, visit the company’s website.

Final thoughts:
At this early stage of Black Friday season, deciding whether to buy the electric bike now can be tough or wait in the hope that deals get better. However, by looking at the ADO ebike Black Friday, it seems pretty clear that taking timely action now would be the wise move. As the company is offering a limited-time free delivery worldwide and 48 hours guaranteed delivery in Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and Netherlands, which is a good bargain considering the ebike market. Because usually, electric bike companies take several days to fulfil the order during the holiday season due to low raw material, high demand and supply chain. 


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