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A lot of people have been posting memes comparing the 2020 election to the 2016 election so we found our favorites to share with you.

Déjà vu? All the memes comparing the 2016 and 2020 elections

So much has happened in four years. The last American presidential election wasn’t exactly civil, but this one is ten times more brutal. Not only are the 2020 candidates ready for a battle, but the voters are too. Usually most of the vitriol is left to the presidential debate stage, but the United States is a pretty divided country at the moment. 

Not only are citizens recovering and continuing to deal with an unforgiving pandemic, but they have to put up with the rabid arguments politics automatically fuel nowadays. People are scared, tired, and wanting the election to be settled. Hopefully, everyone with the voting power to participate in the 2020 United States election did so, although if history has anything to say about it, some definitely sat out. 

For those who exercised their right to vote, they’re having fun comparing the drastic difference between 2016 and 2020’s election vibes. It was a battlefield. Here are some of the most chuckle-worthy voting memes hearkening back to the 2016 election. 

The wind is no longer blowing in our hair 

A layer of blood seems more fitting. 

Oh, Schoolhouse Rock! 

If you only knew what we were in for this year. 

COVID-19 making you feel lost at sea?

Raise your hand if you casted a mail-in vote so you could still be an active citizen even if you were feeling like Cast Away

On a more positive note 

Maybe you felt like a baby voter in 2016, but now know how to vote like a boss by paying attention to more than just the presidential candidates. 

Confident to shriveled up inside 

Sure, maybe voting’s less glamorous this time around, but at least it’s still a thing. Even we do feel a little dead inside. 

Meet your rapid counterpart, 2016 self 

It’s been a rough time. 


Another funny iteration of turning into a completely different person. 

People were serious last time 

The intensity this time around is turned all the way up. 

Even Kirby’s mad 

The fluffiest personalities have been turned into grouchy ones because of all the voting strife. 

Leave Britney alone! 

She was busy voting. 

From determined to defeated 

Elections can really take it out of ‘ya. 

It’s not fine! 

You know it’s time to bite your nails when even the It’s Fine Dog is freaking out. 

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