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Why dating sites are such a success today

Online dating is a new way to meet people. Today it is difficult to meet someone, especially in big cities. Those who come from outside and don’t have many friends can often feel lonely despite going to the gym, movies, commitments, etc. All co-workers are already busy with their business, and it might be better not to get burned right away at work. Showing up to a girl at the bar often means rejection or worse. Today, it’s not like before and meeting new people is becoming more and more complicated. It was the changed social conditions that determined the great success, for example, or dating sites. There are many advantages that only a dating site offers, as we see below.

Dating sites are so successful because they allow you to find people with similar interests in an instant. Simply fill in your online profile and the site will offer a range of possible matches. The site’s algorithm is designed to find people with similar tastes and interests, avoiding wasting time with people with whom there is no affinity.

The dating site is a system that finally eliminates bad numbers. When you approach a girl to introduce herself at the bar as in the discotheque or elsewhere, it is guaranteed the bad impression that it no longer exists thanks to the site. Today, dating sites provide a less bloody and straightforward method of even receiving rejection.

Stop wasting time: In an instant, the dating site matches people who have common interests and no time is wasted wooing someone who is not similar. The dating site also allows you to be clear about your intentions. In fact, there are not only sites to find a soul mate but also forums for more ephemeral encounters. Thanks to these sites, it is possible to have greater clarity between the two people without one having to leave the other who was perhaps hoping for something more.

What are the benefits of online dating?

Online dating is viewed with skepticism by many. It’s normal to be afraid of approaching and meeting a completely unknown person afterwards, but this shouldn’t block you. With the right precautions, with discretion and total sincerity, finding the right person on the Internet will not be so difficult or so dangerous. Just state the type of relationship you are looking for right away. Thus, you can choose a partner with your same goals, or meet people with whom you can simply share your passions and your pleasant moments.

Overcome initial shyness

The dating world is definitely an extra boost for shy people. For those who indeed find it difficult to approach for the first time, a screen can help. Starting a relationship online allows people who are anxious or overly introverted to be able to communicate without worries.

Avoiding awkward situations, especially if you’re someone who shows a lot of emotion, can help you overcome initial hurdles in getting to know someone you’re interested in.


It seems simple, but we discover that even choosing the dating site that corresponds to your desires is not obvious, in short, one is not worth the other. Let’s try to clarify and see what the main characteristics of dating sites are, to conclude with a selection of portals suitable for different audiences.

1. Reference users

All dating sites are not created equal, so there are some for one-night stands and others for serious and committed relationships. There are sites for men and others for women, like these apps.

However, the communication of the various portals is not always clear in this regard: the aim is to attract subscribers, both those who meet the profile of the typical user, and those who are perhaps looking for something different but in the meantime sign up, not sure what they will find. For the trained eye, however, it will be easy to figure out in no time whether you have come to the right site.

Types of relationships

In many cases, it is possible to understand what types of relationships are promoted by a dating site even before signing up. Some portals, for example, highlight certain features as pull factors for new users, such as chat or an affinity “game” based on photos uploaded by users (according to the now classic formula, which consists of connecting users. clicked “Like” on each other’s photos). These are the site’s typical tools for random, impromptu, and casual encounters: the criteria for choosing people to chat with is physical appearance first, and any personality information contained in a user’s profile does not is taken into consideration only later (or never!).

Mature love dating site

On the contrary, services that provide users with a “matching” or affinity system aim to offer each user a range of potentially interesting contacts. The suggestions are based on a more or less sophisticated system, based in many cases on the compilation of a psychological test or questionnaire and on the personal preferences of each. On these sites it is possible to quickly understand if you have points in common with someone, thanks to the scores or percentages of affinity. On such sites, there are usually no chats in favor of exchanging e-mails, and in some cases even the viewing of a user’s photos is subject to mutual authorization.

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