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Which English Horse Saddle you can buy?

In the equestrian world, there are several riding equipments that you may come across for the beneficial approach. The most popularly known tool for horse riding saddles, as they provide support and comfort to the rider and the horse as well.

Generally, there are two classes of saddles available all across the world, they include – English saddle and the Western saddle. While we know they both differ in shape, design, and style of riding; it’s possibly safe to buy according to your will.

Here, we will discuss before you the important aspects of the English saddle and how they function. Furthermore, you can also get to know about different types of English saddles and their purpose of use.

About English Saddles
The term “English Saddle” roughly translates to the origin of similar-looking saddles from the English countries such as England. However, today you can come across various types of English saddles that are commonly used worldwide.

These saddles are particularly used for English riding disciplines and several horse riding games in the Olympics and others. The best feature of an English saddle is that it allows free movement of the horse and proper balance for the rider. Likewise, these saddles are quite lightweight in comparison to Western saddles.

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Structure of an English Saddle
The base upon which an English saddle is set up is called a “tree.” It gets a leather or synthetic material covering and padding under the seat for comfort and support. The functionality of the saddle will be feasible with side flaps, stirrups, cantle, and pommel that provide support during the ride.

In the early times, English saddles were layered with high-quality wood, and leather was there to provide grip and comfort. Over the period of time, English saddles became more lightweight and easy to use. Likewise, now there are several extra features that make the rider more comforting for the rider and the horse as well.

Various Types of English Saddles
You can find different English saddles for the different men’s horse riding breeches that fit your riding discipline. Furthermore, you must also know which saddle you must purchase in accordance with the proper fit for the horse.

Here is the list of different types of English Saddles –

Dressage Saddle:
A dressage saddle is one of the best English saddles, as per the popular opinion of horse riders. It helps the rider sit in place with a deep seating area and a high cantle. More so, it allows the horse to make free movements without restrictions.

Like most English saddles, the Dressage saddle also allows the rider to sit in close contact with the horse. You may certainly come across such saddles with different knee and thigh blocks. Furthermore, you can try them and select the one that fits on your knees.

All-Purpose Saddle:
The name of the saddle suggests it all; you can use it for almost every other horse riding discipline. It is not for professionals, but you can purchase it if you want to use it for different riding disciplines. However, if you are very much into jumping or trail riding, look for the one dedicated to the actual work.

There can be a certain limitations of this saddle as well. You may be unable to use it for more advanced levels as they are not supportive of every riding discipline. Thus, before you make a choice, purchase the saddle according to your preference.

Jumping Saddle:
The best way to consider a jumping saddle is by looking at its seat. They are mostly flat in shape; the cantle is square, which allows the rider to stay in close contact while the horse jumps over the hurdles.

The other popular term for a jumping saddle is known as a close contact saddle for its functioning. Generally, you can see saddles with a higher cantle and flock panels on each side.

Endurance Saddle:
The Endurance saddle is one of the highly popular saddles from the English category. They are useful for long trails and provide the rider with high comfort and a proper balance for a longer time. Likewise, with the help of these saddles, you can go for about 50 to 100 miles in a single take without any rest. That’s why these saddles are highly popular for their long-lasting comfort to the rider. Also, they provide great support to the horse as well.

Eventing Saddle:
Eventing saddle, also known as Cross Country saddle, is a popular piece of equipment for horse riding activity. They come with a shallow seat that allows the rider to get up during the hurdles and allows the horse to make free movements. However, they are also somewhat deeper in shape as they provide better comfort to the rider.

So, Are you Choosing the Right Type of English Saddle?
While looking for the best choice of English saddle, it’s highly considerable to look for the better points. Moreover, the foremost important aspect is the fit of the saddle and how well it’s suitable for your riding discipline. Also, compares the prices with the quality you are getting for your saddle choice.

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