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What You Need to Know About Extended Essay Writing

The extended essay is a work of science that students do individually in a higher education institution. This paper usually has a volume of 4000 words. This paper contains theoretical and practical scientific results as well as important provisions to solve a specific issue.

An extended essay has three purposes: to consolidate and expand the theoretical knowledge, study the methods of other researchers, and provide a basis scientific for one’s own research. These are the tasks that must be completed (according to

  • Students should consolidate and deepen their knowledge gained during the course of study.
  • Students can work independently on professional literature.
  • Find the materials and sources needed;
  • Students should be able to practice writing theoretical propositions in a clear, consistent and competent manner.
  • Analyze, generalize and draw conclusions.

The extended essay is a part of the Diploma Program of the International Baccalaureate. Every student in the modern world must be able to handle it. If you are having difficulty writing, extended essay writers can provide fast and high-quality assistance.

The introduction is the first step in writing an extended essay. Introductions reveal the essence of the topic.

Five Easy Steps for Writing an Extended Essay

Get valuable tips for writing an extended essay by reading the following material.

Topic Select

Selecting a subject is important, as it takes into consideration personal preferences, prior studies, an interest in certain issues, and whether or not you can find appropriate theoretical and practice material. The topic must also be relevant, aligned with the professional direction of your discipline, and related to a solution to a specific issue.

Create an Essay Outline

The outline for an extended essay should reflect the particulars of the subject. The outline gives concrete form to the general direction of the topic, the sections, the literature list, and the sources for statistical or practical data.

Structure of an extended Essay is usually an introduction, a few paragraphs, a summary, a reference list, and an appendix. The outline can be modified depending on research progress, literary and factual materials available.

Use Literary Sources

It is recommended that you process the bibliography after creating your essay outline. This step reveals the extent of the problem, and the unresolved problems. You should write short summaries on the contents of books, articles etc. and keep a record of your own judgements. You will be able to do a thorough research and make accurate conclusions.

Extended paper Writing

The introduction is the first step in writing an extended essay. The introduction should reveal the essence and current state of the subject. The relevance and efficiency of the work must be substantiated with critical analysis and comparative comparison. In addition, it is important to set a goal for the work and identify tasks to be completed to reach that goal.

It is important to pay special attention to the main body of your paper. The content of your topic should be presented in a logical order. At the same, you should adhere to the style used in the presentation. Assume that there are semantic links between blocks of text. Also, assume the accuracy of facts and professional terminology. Last, use good examples and arguments to support your position and draw reasonable conclusions.

The general conclusion is a summary of all the content in the entire work. You should try to summarize the main results of your study in a concise manner, so that you can see how well the goal has been achieved. It is also advisable to make recommendations, outline your proposals and determine the direction of further research.

List of sources used should include a description of the information sources that were used for scientific research.

The appendices are usually a collection of supporting materials that have varying content and can be viewed as a reference but also necessary to cover the entire research topic.

Text Editing

The paper should also meet all the requirements of scientific work, as well as aesthetic and orthographic standards. You should also proofread your essay, fix any errors and format it properly. If you do not, your teacher may ask that you revise the essay.


To write an extended essay, you need to have certain skills and knowledge. It is important to know how to use literature, create an outline, stick to that outline while writing and select appropriate arguments to support your opinion. This guide will enable you to complete the task efficiently and quickly. You can write a quality paper by following the five simple steps in this article.

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