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What to Look for in an Upholstery Cleaning Company: Tips for Choosing the Right Service

Well-selected upholstered furniture can uplift the look of your home and make it appealing. To maintain this look and beauty of your home, you also have to take care that the upholstery looks fresh and clean. Your upholstery gets exposed to wear and tear due to routine activity on and around it. Stains, marks, and spots bring down its shine and make it look dull and worn out. While these spots degrade the look of your upholstery you can get back the clean and shining appearance by hiring upholstery cleaning Melbourne experts.

While there are many companies offering different home services different service providers use different techniques and cleaning methods to clean your upholstery. For instance, Leather Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne service experts specialize in leather furniture cleaning while there are others who work on fabric upholstery cleaning only. Since your upholstery is a very important element of your home décor, it is also expensive. Before you call in professional cleaners, here are a few valuable tips to choosing the right company for you.

Find out the complete list of services they offer

Most of our homes have upholstery that might be part fabric or part leather. So before you select a company, find out what the whole range of services and types of upholstery they clean. This is important as you need to know if they can professionally handle different types of upholstery. A good company will offer different types of cleaning through a qualified and trained staff.

Ask about the cleaning methods used by the upholstery cleaning professionals

Since your upholstery is a valuable household item it is necessary for you to understand what are the techniques the Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne service experts use. The options are many like vacuuming, steam cleaning, and carbonation cleaning which vary according to the type of fabric your upholstery has. It is important that they chose the right one so as to not damage the texture, color, or weave of your upholstery. The right company servicemen will explain to give you the best clarity about how they will clean your upholstery.

Ask questions regarding the total years of service

A company is measured at day end by its experience and longevity. Most of us rely on professional service from a company that has been in operation for a long time. You want timely and excellent execution. You would also wish to trust experienced people to come into your home and handle your articles with care and responsibility. You would wish them to give the best results that improve the look of your upholstery.

Look up customer reviews of the company to get a better understanding

The best way to know about a particular company is to read up on customer reviews or feedback. A good company would have an active website with several reviews or interactions by customers. Also, observe the readiness of customer care in their replies to feedback. Usually, well-established names take pride in having customer interaction and also ask for comments after the work is done. Alternatively, you can also ask about the company neighbors, work associates, relatives, and friends if they had availed them.

Remember quality is important

It is good to focus on cost but also take care to check out companies that offer very low-cost schemes where they offer many different services. Many times these companies are run by scammers and they do only surface-level cleaning. There are many service providers who charge an hourly rate or many charge according to the individual item they have to clean. You must take quotes and compare them with other companies to check out the right pricing. Quality and professional execution come with a certain price. So do not rush off to choose a company as the price is less, but go for one that gives reliable and quality service.  

Ask about licensing and insurance

It is important for you to ask the company whether they hold an authorized license that helps you in finding their credibility. Also to cover property damages or injury if any that the cleaner may cause, ask if the company has liability insurance. As a customer, you would want to be compensated for any damage done by the company. You may also ask whether the service staff has worker cover insurance. A good company provides all these which would make you want to opt for them.

Check whether the service agreement includes a satisfaction guarantee

Well-reputed service companies believe in their work ethics and excellence in delivery. Many such companies provide a satisfaction guarantee as part of their service contract. This guarantees quality service and if the client is not satisfied they repeat the service or refund the money. For instance, a good Leather Upholstery cleaning Melbourne company will not only give you quality cleaning but if they find you are not satisfied; they will redo the service at no additional cost.


Finally, when you are calling professional upholstery cleaners for the first time, doing a bit of homework helps you in making the right decision, avoiding scammers, and preserving your upholstery. These tips are guaranteed to come in handy and help you in finding quality services in your area.

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