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How Do You Train Your Dog to Learn the Basic Commands to Be Obedient?

Whether you’ve just brought a new puppy to your home or adopted an adult dog, you will love training it. However, it is a challenging task if your furry friend isn’t obedient initially. According to an article published in Forbes, it’s also essential to keep your pet dog feel safe and so create a safe space for him

You may be just learning how to train your pup and so need a little help when raining your canine companion. Some breeds can be hard to train due to their temperament, especially when it comes to making your four-legged friend obedient. Here are some ideas to make your furry friend learn the basic commands and be obedient:

Think of a pet name and always use it for instructions 

When you’ve decided on a pet name, make sure you use it to give your dog some basic instructions. Use the same name as much as possible so that your little pup responds to your commands and quickly learns what to do. You can teach your Fido to eat on time, pee outside, go to sleep at night, and not bark all the time. 

When your dog learns these basic rules fast, cuddle him, treat him, or simply praise your adorable friend. 

Try food tricks to attract or reward your pet

You know that giving your Fido treats is a smart way to reward him when the pet is obedient and listens to your instructions. Then, you can also use food treats to attract your furry companion to you, more so when testing his memory while going out to walk your dog. It signifies positive training, letting your pup learn that not barking at strangers and being disciplined means receiving appreciation and tasty food treats. 

You can look for dog training in Fort Myers if you’re unsure to manage your dog efficiently. 

Teach basic tricks to sit, stand, or wait

Basic training for all dogs is extremely essential to make them obedient. You can use gestures to make your pup learn when to sit, stand, or wait. These fundamental instructions will keep your Fido disciplined and your canine companion will learn to listen when you command him to do something or avoid doing something. However, be gentle with your pet and never yell at it. 

Repeat the basic commands to help your puppy remember them easily and be obedient in the expectation of receiving a treat or being praised. 

Keep training simple and short

Training your dog to learn some basic things does not mean that you continue the session for 45 minutes or more. When it comes to little pups, their attention span can break if you make them learn commands for a long time. Therefore, keep training sessions for 20 minutes or less to avoid distraction. 


Now that you have these tips and tricks to make your dog obedient, the new, lovable member of your family will soon become your best friend and play companion. 

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