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Top 6 Things to Do in Zurich

Zurich is the largest city of the most captivating country, Switzerland. It is Canton, Zurich’s capital, located northwest of Lake Zurich. This vibrant city is rich in culture, industries, and finance, stretching between the two hills chains. Airports and Train stations are the most crowded places in this ever-green city. Many other beautiful places attract visitors worldwide. But hiring a limousine service Zurich could be the best option if you want to visit this city safely and comfortably, without any misleading.

We understand that arranging a trip to Zurich for an unfamiliar person. There are so many fascinating and essential locations to visit in this city. But don’t get worried. We are here to help you with a travel guide to make things easier. After you have a chauffeur service, the next step is to inform them of your travel plan. This way, your driver can assist you in reaching the right place at the perfect time. We’re providing the top six things to do in Zurich while traveling to this captivating city.

1- St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church is on a tiny hill south of the Lindenhof in Zurich’s Old Town. Zurich’s oldest parish church, this ancient church, has an early 13th-century Romanesque choir beneath its tower and a Baroque nave with three aisles and galleries. The distance between the Airport and St. Peter’s Church is about 12 km, and it’ll take only 18 minutes to reach there. The original 9th-century foundation can be seen beneath the chancel. In 1538, this church obtained the most spectacular clock dials in Europe, measuring a staggering 8.7 meters in diameter, a record that still stands today. When you reach there with your chauffeur, you’ll visit each corner of this Parish Church safely and carefully.

2- Bahnhofstrasse and the Bahnhof

This is the main street in Zurich and is packed with visitors from each part of the country to visit it. It stretches from the primary railway station in Zurich, “Bahnhof,” to the Burkliplatz. This 1,200-meter-long street is one of Europe’s most appealing shopping lanes, decorated with fountains, public artworks, lush trees, and historically significant structures. The central section of Bahnhofstrasse was built in 1867 after the infilling of a historic moat known as the Fröschengraben, while the sections leading to the lake and station were added a few years later. The distance between this beautiful place and the LHR Airport is about 1102 km, and you can reach there within 9 hours of a straight drive with your chauffeur.

3- Lindonhof

The western part of Zurich’s historic area is between Bahnhofstrasse and the Limmat River’s left bank, where Lindenhof Hill rises abruptly. The Romans built a fortified colony in the fourth century to protect against northern migrations. The Romans chose this same location in the fourth century AD to make their walled settlement that covered it against prospective northern migrations. Five centuries later, the grandson of Charlemagne chose this location to build a regal palace, establishing it as a royal dwelling. This space has been transformed into a peaceful, tree-shaded park with welcoming benches, chess lovers immersed in their games, and visitors taking in the panoramic views of the river and the Old Town. When you reach there with your chauffeur, you can carefully visit each corner of this street.

4- Zurich West

Zurich-West has transformed itself from its previous industrial roots into a fashionable zone. They are committed to modern art, cutting-edge design, retail therapy, and gourmet delights, all within a laid-back and cheekily delightful ambiance. The ancient railway viaduct, built in 1894, is at the heart of this makeover. Zurich’s art scene is thriving, with the Kunsthalle Zurich and the Migros Museum in the forefront, displaying modern artworks. The Migros Museum is notable for its examination of current societal concerns. When you visit this place with Zurich limousine service, you will see this place without any misleading and will also be at the right time. The distance between the airport and Zurich West is about 11 km, and you can reach there within just 13 minutes with your hired driver.

5- Zurich Zoo

The Zurich Zoo is one of Europe’s best zoological destinations, with a diversified collection of over 360 animal species. Animals are meticulously accommodated to imitate their natural environments, providing visitors with an authentic experience. The travel distance between this fascinating Zurich Zoo and the Airport is about 4.5 Km. When you get there with your chauffeur, you can reach there within 9 minutes. The Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park is one of the zoo’s highlights, where visitors can see an Asian elephant family playing with their cute youngster and swimming in a multi-environment outdoor complex. It is precisely constructed to recreate their original Thai habitat. Trams and trains connect the zoo to the central train station and Paradeplatz, making it conveniently accessible to all.

6- Bellerive Museum

The Bellerive is Switzerland’s foremost museum of applied arts, with an extensive and diverse collection. Its various shows explore various issues and concepts, elegantly spanning the fields of art and design while traversing numerous historical epochs. The distance between this magnificent museum and the Airport is about 12.7 Km, and you can get to this place within 15 minutes with your chauffeur services. Notably, the Bellerive shines in its Art Nouveau holdings, with essential porcelain items as a noteworthy highlight. In addition, the museum exhibits competence in textiles, contemporary ceramics, and one-of-a-kind marionettes created by 20th-century artists. It also has an excellent collection of 200 vintage musical instruments.

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