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Top 3 Vietnamese Restaurant In Johor Bahru, Malaysia

It is clear that Johor Bahru has become a culinary paradise for all foodies. There have been many Vietnamese restaurants popping up in the past few years. These delicious Vietnamese delights have also been a hit with Malaysians.

These Vietnamese restaurants in Johor Bahru have all the options, from the most popular street food goi cuon (Light Vermicelli Prawnrolls) to your favorite pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup). You can now continue your foodie journey to Johor Bahru or begin one for delicious Vietnamese food, an “ngon mieng” (delicious)!

1. Little Vietnam Restaurant & Cafe

Little Vietnam Restaurant & Cafe offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Their Vietnamese dishes are made with fresh ingredients from Vietnam.

Pho is a Vietnamese dish that should be mentioned whenever we talk about Vietnamese food. This Vietnamese Soup Noodle is made from clear beef bone broth, flat noodles, fresh herbs, and beef slices. Their beef soup takes a long time to prepare. They slow-broil the bones of meat over a slow heat to allow the broth base to be infused with concentrated marrow flavours.

If you don’t like beef, there are many options for chicken Pho. The presentation is the same as the beef Pho but with rice noodles and a bowl of clear broth.

For a refreshing taste, you can add lime juice, fish sauces, and chilies to your Pho. Their bowl of Pho is generously portioned and will satisfy any hungry stomach.

2. MaZry Vietnamese Cuisine

MaZry Vietnamese Cuisine, a simple yet elegant Vietnamese restaurant in Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, is known for its Vietnamese cuisine. Although they offer a limited selection of Vietnamese cuisine, most of their menu items are Vietnamese. Their Vietnamese food menu is affordable and freshly prepared to preserve the authentic flavors of Vietnamese food.

MaZry Vietnamese Cuisine’s Vietnamese Fried Baby Crabs is a quick and easy option. If you’re lucky, this dish may be available. Baby soft shell crabs can be hard to find after the season ends. This is MaZry Vietnamese Cuisine’s most treasured dish.

To enjoy this delicious dish, diners must wrap the sweet deep-fried battered baby crawls in a piece if crunchy lettuce leaves and some fresh herbs. It is optional to dip the roll in a sweet, spicy and salty fish sauce. However, it is highly recommended.

Their wide range of avocado beverages is their most popular selling point, in addition to Vietnamese delicacies. MaZry Vietnamese Cuisine’s Avobubble Brown Sugar Pearl drink is a must-have.

This refreshing avocado beverage is similar to an avocado milk with brown sugar pearls. The tall glass contains three layers: the creamy full-cream milk layer, the brown sugar layer with black pearls, and the avocado puree layer. It is easy to accept the avocado’s mild flavor.

MaZry Vietnamese Cuisine’s AvoVolcano Ice is another popular avocado beverage. This avocado milkshake is a premium version of the avocado milkshake. It’s rich and creamy with lots of milk chocolate. It is topped with a generous amount of chocolates, toasted peanuts and crushed chocolate biscuit crumbs. The AvoVolcanoice is a great way to cool down from the scorching heat of Malaysia.

3. Halongbay Cafe

Halongbay Cafe is undoubtedly one of the most popular Vietnamese restaurants in Johor Bahru. It serves both locals as well as tourists delicious Vietnamese food. This Vietnamese-style cafe restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese cuisines. Halongbay Cafe serves traditional cafe food like chicken chops, steaks and fish and chips.

 Tôm Nướng Muối Ớt one of the most popular Vietnamese delicacies at the cafe. It’s a great choice for quick snacks or appetizers. Translated literally as Salt and Pepper Grilled Prawns, these simple seafood recipes are Vietnamese grilled shrimp with edible tails and shells.

Marinated in lemongrass and fish sauces, it gives the overall prawn recipe its refreshing citrus flavor and pungent fish smell in every bite. This makes the prawn delicious.

Gà nướng muối ớt is a Halongbay Cafe Chili Salt Roasted Chicken recipe. This Vietnamese dish can be enjoyed alone or with the accompanying fish sauce dipping condiments. This is a delicious, succulent and delicious chicken dish with tender chicken meat underneath the crispy chili salt-baked chicken skin. On request, you can also choose to replace the chicken with fish or duck.

Vietnamese cuisine is known for its diverse and delicious dishes prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients. From the ubiquitous Pho soup to the tangy and spicy banh mi sandwich, there are plenty of tasty and tasty Vietnamese food to eat in Johor Bahru.

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