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The Top 5 Angles for Architectural Exterior Rendering

The Top 5 Angles for Architectural Exterior Rendering

3D exterior visualization makes it possible to understand what an object should look like to satisfy the needs of all users. Outside rendering from multiple perspectives in different weather conditions, seasons, and times of day allows architects and designers much creative freedom. Let’s figure out which angles work best for effective exterior rendering.

5 Key Angles for Exterior Presentations

Genense Studio specialists know how to help architects and real estate professionals get the most out of their exterior renderings. So, select the most advantageous angles for working on projects!

1. Facade View

Close-ups of the facade, balconies, and individual architectural elements (arches, decor, columns, porticos) show materials and construction technologies. Render your object with a non-standard time of year or day — sunset or evening, spring, winter, or autumn.

2. Corner View

This perspective displays the external house rendering at an angle where its two sides meet. It can present an original viewpoint on the architecture and highlight more external building details.

3. Bird View

This rendering answers the most critical question about the house:

  • Where is it located?
  • What’s around the house – old buildings or a park?
  • Is there a private parking lot, a kindergarten, a shopping center nearby, or a metro station?

4. Sunset/Sunrise View

This angel is often used in architectural rendering to help imagine how an object will look under different conditions, generating an emotional attraction. At the same time, knowing which parts of the building will be in the shade and which areas are more vegetative, you can plan the interior.

5. Front View

Viewing the building directly from the front is made possible by the front architectural exterior render angel. You can show the object as people usually see it passing by and form a complete picture. With the help of a frontal approach, you can immediately understand whether you like the project or not.


Now you know which angles in 3d graphics are best to close all the questions regarding your project as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each angle is essential for one or another purpose as it performs its function. If you find it difficult which angle to choose to convey information on the building’s design and neighborhood to impress the client with a beautiful facade or evoke an emotional attachment to the house by showing how amazing it looks at sunset — contact Genense – 3D Rendering Studio. Write or call us for top-notch 3D exterior images!

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