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The Top 10 Most Common Household Pests And How To Control Them

Make prompt attention to picking up crumbs and spills, and store dry things like pet food in airtight containers. In addition to fixing broken screens and sealing, any fractures in the foundation and gaps between weather-stripping or around arriving and leaving pipes and vents, you may lessen the likelihood of pests entering your house.

Technicians at Pest Control Australia are dedicated to providing services that safeguard your home and family. Our pest control services are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The Most Frequent Household Pests

·      Ants

The National Pest Management Association reports that ants are the most common domestic pest problem in the United States. There are hundreds of different kinds of ants in the United States, including carpenter ants, and pavement ants.

They are particularly prevalent at certain times of the year and may enter dwellings via the tiniest of crevices. Carpenter ants may be destructive, but they don’t spread illness. Clean up any spills or crumbs of food immediately since many species of ants are drawn to the delicious odours left behind.

·      Silverfish

Silverfish will populate any wet, humid, or dark area in your house if you aren’t vigilant. Common in Indian homes, yet challenging to see with the naked eye, these insects are a nuisance for residents. Their influence, though, is always noticeable.

Holes and notches are often seen around the edges of furniture, shelves, or clothing when silverfish are present. Their droppings and faeces, which appear like small pepper-like pellets, leave yellow stains or marks on the materials they infest.

Silverfish can damage your clothing, furniture, and carpets by eating holes in them and producing a foul odour. Shoes, books, and wallpaper are all susceptible to infestation, yet they pose no danger to people.

·      Cockroaches

Nobody likes to find cockroaches in their house since they are repulsive and nasty. They’re filthy, disease-spreading, tiny critters. They pose a threat to both your house and property. The smell of food, even if it’s stale, attracts them.

You can keep them out of your house by sealing access points and maintaining a clean environment. There are several roach species, but only a tiny fraction will penetrate human habitations. The German cockroach is by far the most widespread intruder. It has lengthy brown legs and brown leathery wings.

Cockroaches are tough, able to adapt to any environment and endure natural disasters. They avoid being seen by avoiding the light. A single sighting might indicate the presence of hundreds, if not thousands, more of the same. Calling our Pest Control Australia pest control service to cleanse the premises of any infestation is our best bet.

·      Mice

Mice may be detected even if you haven’t seen them because of their enormous feces, which look like coffee grounds. Mice mainly cause problems by contaminating surfaces with their urine and droppings. However, they may also chew on books, pillows, and clothes.

It is essential to control the mouse population as soon as possible since they may breed as many as ten times a year. It is not enough to deny them access to food inside the house; the garage and other outbuildings should also be checked for food sources, such as bird seed, and locked off from the animals. Mice may enter a building via very tiny openings, so it is vital to seal anything that could let them in. Homeowners may also kill mice by setting traps, rodenticides, or glue boards.

·      Flies

The presence of flies in your house may indicate a deceased rodent, such as a mouse, somewhere inside the structure. Flies will be drawn to this situation to deposit their eggs. Fly infestations may spread severe illnesses like TB and typhoid to humans. Adult house flies often have two black stripes on their faces and four more along their gray bodies.

To contrast their bland bodies, fruit flies’ eyes are a vivid crimson or reddish brown. It could be a significant issue if you see a lot of insects daily. A professional exterminator should check it out immediately.

·      Rodents

The first warning signals of a rat infestation are usually the same whether the rodent in question is a rat or a mouse. Keep an ear out for strange noises; mice and rats often make noises when scurrying about in walls or attics.

Of course, you may notice a rat or mouse, but if you do, you should know that there are likely more of them lurking in the shadows. An examination for rodents should not only search for existing rodents but also potential access sites, to seal them out entirely.

·      Spiders

The vast majority of spiders seen in North American homes are not harmful to humans, yet seeing one may still be disturbing. Most spiders like to be alone, so you should only deal with them alone.

Keep spiders out by sealing any outside breaches and ensuring doors and windows have a tight seal. If you come across one inside, you may easily capture it and release it outside. However, it is crucial to remember that spiders can aid with pest management organically and may serve a role in your house.

·      Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a particularly pernicious insect that may penetrate a house without being noticed as much as some other pests. These pests, unlike others, don’t enter a place via holes or gaps but piggyback on people’s belongings when they return from trips. It is also hard to see them.

Because of their microscopic size, bed bugs are rarely seen. Instead, their harm is visible in the form of tiny bites that manifest when individuals are resting or seated on soft surfaces.

·      Mosquitoes

These bloodsucking insects are a significant pain when enjoying the great outdoors. Do not let them follow them inside your house unless necessary. In addition to causing annoying bites, mosquitoes may spread dangerous illnesses to people and animals.

Use window and door screens regularly and check the exterior of your house for any pools of stagnant water that might become mosquito breeding grounds.

·      Spotted Carpet Bugs

Carpet beetles, as their name implies, are typical household pests that may be found hiding in carpets, drapes, garments, rugs, or other similar textiles. Although these bugs don’t pose any health risks to people, they are destructive to the carpets, rugs, or textiles they inhabit.

Avoiding and Eliminating Common Household Pests

●      Be sure to check for any holes or cracks in the foundation, walls, and vents of your house or place of business. Termites, roaches, or other pests might enter via these openings, so it’s essential to fix or seal them right once you detect any.

●      When buying dry goods, check the packaging for signs of worms, beetles, insects, and other pests.

●      Keep trees and shrubs safe from your house or business to prevent pests from using them as a foothold to enter the structure.

Hire Our Reliable Pest Treatment Team By Calling Us Now

Although the steps above can help lessen the insect population in your home, they will not be enough to eliminate them. To make sure you & your family are safe, our experts are trained to utilize only tried-and-true chemicals and precautions.

Our Pest Control Australia exterminators are experts who regularly attend seminars to learn about new developments in the field of pest management. Our pest control company is confident in the effectiveness of our treatments and stands by our services 100%. We provide a variety of service plans and may tailor a maintenance schedule to your specific needs since we realize that pest & rodent control service requirements fluctuate with the seasons.

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