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The 10 Best Bongs of 2022

Cannabis culture has developed throughout history and has expanded rapidly as more states and nations have legalized its use. As such, marijuana product manufacturers are on the rise.

Regardless of the user type, cannabis lovers utilize many methods of consuming this sacred herb. They roll it, eat it, and some even boil it. But inhaling the smooth, cold cannabis-infused smoke from a first-rate bong is probably the most soothing method to deliver that mighty kick and keep your taste buds satisfied and craving more.

So, to help you pick the finest bong, we’ve put together this article about the best ten bongs of 2022 that the cannabis breeders gifted us to enjoy. 

1.  Straight Tube Cylinder Glass Ice Bong

This bong is the best option if searching for something simple and reliable. Intense yet not too challenging for novices, it’s an excellent choice for everyone.

The bong has ice notches, a broad base, and an 18.8 mm ground joint. Together with the bong, you’ll receive a matching herb bowl constructed of crystal-clear borosilicate glass.

It’s easy to mix and match this vape product with various other accessories since it comes in three different heights: 10, 12, and 14 inches. 

2. Showerhead Perc Beaker Bong

Adding ice cubes isn’t always enough to get the smoothest, coldest impact possible. This particular bong has glycerin coils, which can chill smoke by more than 300 degrees. 

Smoke rises through a glycerin chamber, coming out crisp, smooth, and high-flying like an arctic cloud as you inhale.

The typical beaker bottom guarantees that your item does not fall over when you place it on the table or another surface. As a result, it will make an excellent addition to anyone’s glass water pipes collection.

3. Puffco Budsy

This isn’t your typical Nalgene bottle. Puffco’s Budsy is a bong in a bottle that’s excellent for any outdoor excursion. To utilize this product, you must fill it up to its maximum capacity, 420 milliliters. 

Open the bottle’s mouthpiece and insert a ceramic bowl from storage into the air hole. You’ll never ever deal with the hassle of carrying about a bong again.

4. Dealers’ Cup Beaker Water Pipe

This stunning glass bong from Dealer’s Cup is a centerpiece that will turn heads. Tall and powerful, this borosilicate glass beaker bong is 22 inches high and packs a powerful punch.

A dry herb bowl and a replaceable downstem are included in this ROOR bong. Extra-long necks allow the bong to cool down enormous hits of smoke with large water chambers and notches in the neck.

This high-end piece is ideal for collectors with a unique QR code that tokers can scan to verify the bong’s authenticity.

5. Walnut Wood and Glass Bubbler Water Pipe

You can’t go wrong with high-quality borosilicate glass and sustainably-harvested wood in your cannabis products. And that’s where the Walnut Wood and Glass Bubbler Water Pipe comes in!

The filters cool the smoke and water to provide an exceptionally smooth hit, further emphasizing the bong’s style-meets-performance theme. 

There have been several mentions of fractures and breakage among users. Be cautious while handling it.

6. Jerome Baker Designs Bubble Base Bong

This museum-quality hand-blown fumed glass bong comes from a company widely regarded as the pinnacle of the glassblowing art form.

Glass Bubble Base Bong by Jerome Baker Designs is a handcrafted piece of art manufactured with incredible devotion and skill by Jerome Baker Designs. Bongs like this one are crafted from the most delicate borosilicate glass and embellished with intricate glass patterns and sculptures. 

It is manufactured using the most recent advances in contemporary glassblowing methods.

7. Jet Filtration Systems SubZero Water Pipe

The SubZero water pipe offers everything needed for a mind-blowing smoking session. It boasts a lifetime warranty, top-shelf materials, and a design that can withstand impacts. You also get a filter for the ash and a line for the water supply! 

Additionally, you can buy different-colored percolators on their own, allowing for even smoother impacts. 

The JET SubZero Water Pipes may be customized entirely, which is no surprise since their price point is on the heftier end of the spectrum for plastic bongs.

8. Medicali Glass Tree Perc Ice Bong

Our next pick is a beaker bong from Medicali Glass, professionally constructed to provide adequate filtration, unlike many other bongs on the market.

The bong has an eight-arm tree percolator and an ice catcher, which work together to ensure that your hits are completely cooled before they escape the rimmed mouthpiece. It has a replaceable 18.8mm>14.5mm downstem and a complementing dry herb bowl. 

9. Stundenglass

If you’re tired of squeezing smoke through a duct-taped bong, consider the Stundenglass. No longer will you have to worry about spreading germs from your lips to the cannabis you’re smoking!

Even though it costs $600 and is an eye-sore piece of furniture, you can use it as a hookah and smoke food and drink with the included accessories. MacGyver wishes he had the skills to create such a versatile device.

10. Slimzilla Straight Tube Ice Bong

In terms of design, the Slimmzilla bong from Dopezilla is a small glass bong that packs unimaginable power and vaping abilities.

With a broad base and a multicolored mouthpiece made of premium glass, the Slimzilla is a stylish addition to any collection. Despite its small stature, the accompanying downstem and the basic straight tube design make it nearly as portable as a tiny bong.

Even though there are no sophisticated percolators or a lot of water capacity, the basic design makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain.


So, this is it, folks! We have selected a bong for every one of you herbivores out there. Our choices can cater to each taste, whether plastic or glass or thick or thin!

And while some of the pieces are a bit pricey, the smooth, cold-filtered smoke you’ll get is worth every penny.

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