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Tenants, skip the hassle of figuring out you're next move and take notes on what to pay attention to when looking for a new rental property.

Top 3 Things Tenants Focus on Before Moving in a Rental Property

An excellent tenant is respectful towards the homeowner, pays their rent on time, and takes proper care of the house. Retaining and attracting excellent tenants is the primary objective of the landlords. 

Since most landlords know the likeliness of the tenants, therefore finding the ideal tenant might become competitive. If you want to market your house and capture the attention of potential tenants, you need to consider some features that would allow your rental property to stand apart from the crowd. 

Whether you’re renovating your existing rental property or purchasing a new rental property, you need to pay close attention to the specific things that tenants focus on before signing the agreement. If you take help from a property management company, they would also rent out these properties based on the factors. Here are the top 3 things tenants consider before moving into a rental property.

tenants rental property


Just like any other business, the location will play a massive role in profitability. This is why you can easily earn thousands of dollars by renting out a home in Sacramento, due to the location. Most tenants choose rental properties that are close to their offices, restaurants, grocery stores, and community parks. 

This is because they focus on lifestyle quality. Many tenants won’t hesitate to pay more or overlook some minor problems of the rental property if the location is great and accessible from anywhere. To rent out your Sacramento property, you need to contact Sacramento property management

If you have a rental property other than Sacramento, you can still capture the attention of the tenants. However, if the location of the property is not great, the tenant might cancel the deal, despite the attractiveness of the property and the available amenities. Having a rental property in a desirable location can also allow you to charge higher rent.

tenants rental property

Security and Safety 

Apart from location, safety is one of the most important things the tenants would consider before moving into a rental property. If the environment is safe, the tenants would be motivated to sign the agreement. If the rental property has security flaws, the tenants would sign the agreement. Security is undoubtedly a primary concern for most people. 

Therefore, make sure you research the crime rate of the area while planning to rent a property in an unfamiliar location. As you’re the landlord, make sure you include alarm devices, motion sensors, or other security devices that would make the tenants feel secure and safe. Installing the security devices will also help you attract more tenants.

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Nobody likes to spend hours finding a parking spot, especially whole carrying frozen items that might rot due to the temperature shift. If your rental property is situated in a suburban area, your tenants don’t need to worry about parking. 

However, the spaces are right in Sacramento and parking is one of the essential considerations. Even if you cannot offer on-street parking, make sure you have a parking garage for the tenants within four or five blocks of your property. 

As per Pettyson, parking space will increase the value of your property. While providing parking space, don’t forget to implement some basic rules.

tenants rental property


These are the top 3 things tenants consider while choosing a rental home. If you have any other questions, comment below to let us know. 

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