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Thinking about cutting your hair but don't know where to start? Grab a pair of scissors and check out these tips on how to style short hair!

Tips to Maintain Short Hair No One Gave me Before I Cut My Hair

I’ve always alternated between short and medium-length hair. In my experience, however, I’ve learned that short hair is not something everyone knows about and requires a lot of maintenance.

It is often thought that it is more convenient and takes less time, but this is not the case. As someone who has oily, thin, and flat hair, these are my learnings and experiences, you can visit this site for the best short hairstylist.

style short hair

Short hair does not equal low maintenance

Many people mistakenly believe that short hairstyles are easy to style and require little maintenance. It is not true. It takes a lot of styling and upkeep to maintain most short hairstyles.

style short hair

Hair is more often oily

Because our scalp is the place where oil is extracted, the hair nearest to the scalp is the oiliest. This is the only hair you have if you have short hair. Your entire head can get greasy very quickly.

It also falls onto the skin and is exposed to sweat and grease. This makes it look flat. It becomes less full and clean if you wash it more often. It is also important to trim it more often in order to preserve the style

Because the overall shape of long hair doesn’t change as much with growth, it is easy to trim. Short hair can curl at the nape and twist at the neck, and it looks weird once it reaches the shoulders.

style short hair

It is important to trim it regularly to keep it looking sharp. Long hair doesn’t need to be trimmed as often as short hair. Many of the tools and products you use to manage long hair need to be retired

If you have short hair, you can’t use large barrel brushes to style your bangs or a large curler for creating waves. Too wide flat irons won’t work either. When your hair is short, you can’t use oily serums, hair ties, or large conditioner bottles. You will need to use smaller hair clips, headbands, shampoos, and a dryer.

style short hair

Short hair can look untidy and flat

I was told by no one that short hair needs to be styled daily. To achieve a well-styled and sleek look, blow-drying is a must. You can style your hair with longer hair by simply putting it in a ponytail, braid, or any other casual arrangement.

For short hair to look properly curled or shaped, curl it. Flat and oily hair, such as mine, can easily lose its shape. However, styling is not something you can do. If you have long hair, you can’t style your hair in the intricate buns or braids that you would be able to do with it.

It can be frustrating to not have a variety of styles. Only styles that involve curling, straightening, or using hair clips and headbands can be achieved.

style short hair

Short hair can feel uncomfortable in high heat.

You might be wrong if you believe that short hair is easy to manage in the heat. Because they hang around your neck, bobs can make you itchy and sweaty in humid weather. It is difficult to tie up because it is not long enough.

Remember to get your hair cut around October, so it reaches the uncomfortable middle length in cooler weather and is long enough for you to tie up in summer.

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