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Stunning wall art can brighten up any room. Get ready to spend a little money when you learn about how to decorate your home and liven up your space!

Let Your Walls Take on the Leading Role: The Secret of Stunning Wall Art

It’s not just captivating plots and superlative acting that can elevate movies to classic status – the set design can make a big difference too. Indeed the interior decor in some films is so beautiful that it can make your own four walls look decidedly drab in comparison!

But don’t worry – if you want to give your living space the swoonsome style featured in your favorite movies, you might find that freshening up your decor is easier than you think. A range of accessible wall art solutions is widely available, such as canvas prints, framed photos, and custom posters – and none of them call for advanced decoration skills, so you can transform a room even if you’re a complete novice in all things DIY!

We’ve rounded up the most important rules for head-turning wall art – from picture selection to arrangement recommendations. So let’s get started!

When Filling Bare Space, Be Generous

Wall art can be arranged and displayed in many ways, but there’s one golden rule – photos, prints, and artworks should draw the viewer’s eye immediately. And that means that you shouldn’t be afraid to go big – filling bare wall space with generously sized pictures, whether large posters or imposing framed prints – or to experiment with freestyle arrangements.

If you’re working with very limited wall space, you’ll need to choose smaller formats. However, this doesn’t mean that your wall art display needs to be unadventurous. Try unusual print formats – photo tiles or canvas prints, for example – and make sure your wall art isn’t upstaged by the furniture and other decor features.

Personalize More

Any decor you choose for your home is a showcase for your personality – so why not take interior personalization to a whole new level and use your own memories and experiences to create a unique decor scheme?

These days, designing wall decor or lifestyle accessories with your own pictures is easier than ever – all you need to do is find a trusted printing provider, choose the images you want to display, and design personalized decor products online. And the best thing is that personalized wall art won’t cost you a fortune – with discount companies such as you can give your home a total decor makeover even if your budget is under $100.

Try Out Different Print Formats

Are frame photos always your first choice for wall art? Of course, such a classic solution will work in just about any interior. But the wall art sector has so much more to offer these days – you can have your pictures printed on a wide range of mediums, from traditional photo paper to acrylic glass and metal composite panels. 

Each print format has a distinctive character – the same picture will look different when printed on canvas or metal, for example. So think carefully about what atmosphere you want to create in a room and choose the print formats to suit!

Experiment with Arrangements

There are a lot of different approaches you can take to displaying wall art – especially if you have a whole bare wall at your disposal. Neat symmetrical grids are one evergreen option, especially if you’re decorating a classically styled space.

Another solution is a more freestyle gallery wall (or gallery corner). If a standard wall location like “above the sofa” feels a bit safe, you can find an undecorated nook – there’ll be a couple in any home – and turn it into an original wall art display.

To make your wall art arrangement more interesting, consider displaying prints that match not only in their style and color palette but also in the theme of their content – your wall art isn’t just there to fill bare space, it can tell a story too.

Mix Classic and Modern

Earlier on we mentioned the idea of combining different print formats. If you want to try something even more striking (though also a bit more challenging), you can also try bringing traditional and modern wall art together as a unified arrangement. 

Try displaying paintings alongside digital photography, or classic framed photos next to ultramodern prints on acrylic or metal. If you keep a link between the different styles with a single color palette and keep a sense of proportion, you should be able to create a style uniquely your own.

Don’t Forget Those Little Details

Sprucing up your walls is a great way to start your home makeover, but it’s the small details used consistently throughout your living space that will make the project a real success. You can integrate your new wall art into the overall design scheme by adding matching features elsewhere in the room. 

The connection between different items can be quite tangential – for example, if you’re designing a rustic interior, consider displaying frames in natural colors, or canvas prints with their pleasingly tactile fabric surface.

P.S. How Much Does It All Cost?

“I’d love to get some wall art, but why is it all so expensive?” If you’ve been worried about price, we’re glad you made it till the end of our article! One of the best-kept secrets of interior design is that discount printing providers – is one of the best-known in the US – deliver excellent print quality at remarkably low prices, and without cutting corners on quality. 

Streamlined production and technological know-how mean they can offer their prints at more than affordable prices. So if you’re looking to redecorate on a budget, visit and see what they’ve got on offer!

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