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5 ways you can immediately spice up married life

Marriage is a beautiful thing that most couples enjoy. But there comes a stage when things look gloomy and there is that need to keep it interesting. While partners might love one another, life acts as a clog which might affect the union. 

Children, work and some other responsibilities might prevent you from spending that quality time with your spouse. Every couple has experienced this time of up and down, so you need to spice up your marriage immediately. If your marriage isn’t going as you expected, here are some ways to immediately spice up your married life.

Write little notes for one another

Leaving notes for your partner has a way of showing your care.Write something loving before traveling or going to work. You could also use SMS to show they are always on your mind. Send them a letter telling them, they are all you can think of. Even in your absence, they will always cherish that you care about them.

Plan a little Getaway and be spontaneous

Doing the same thing every day can become boring and affect your married life. To spice up your marriage immediately, find time and plan for a little Getaway. You don’t have to inform your partner, women or some spontaneous people.  An overnight romp with your lover will bring back memories and show they are special.

Improve your sexual life

There is more to sex with your partner than just the traditional way. To spice up your married life, you need to be creative and innovative with your bedroom sessions.Try experimenting with costumes and roleplay.

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Never forget dates

Some partners underrate date night immediately after they get married. They think since they are now couples, there is no need to go on dates regularly. This is far from the truth. Dates are an avenue to share special moments and get to know one another better. 

Always change the date and location to offer something different. During these dates, make her sleek special, be creative and show her she is your world.

Spend quality time with your partner

Marriage comes with its responsibility, which might affect both partners. You indeed need to be productive, however irrespective of your job, always find time for your partner. Your jobs will provide the physical needs, your presence will provide the emotional needs. Don’t let your job get in the way, always. Your lover should be your priority and you always need to make sacrifices for them.


A married life needs to be continuously spiced up to keep everyone happy. It requires hard work, and always giving your best. Irrespective of any problems that might surface, your partner should be cared for emotionally, physically and Sexually.

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