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Reasons Why Rain Gun Sprinklers are so Special in the Agricultural Industry

A rain gun sprinkler is an irrigation device that sprinkles water at higher pressure. The device emits water at a high flow, enabling irrigation of a large area. It’s designed to perform various agricultural tasks rather than irrigation on farms.

This article guides solutions for a farmer or company needing a rain gun sprinkler in their areas of duty. Everyone wishes for a device to offer a long-time solution when executing tasks. The market gives farmers all the instruments, including outdated and inefficient sprinklers. After reviewing this article, you can acquire the right rain gun sprinkler for your industry.

Technological advancement in the world has led to efficiency improvement in our industries. As a result, the input has been minimized as the output is maximized. The agricultural sector has been included. Various advancements have been made in these sectors, and farmers have needed help conducting commercial and domestic farming.

Over the past years, irrigation has been quite difficult since farmers could dig up canals and trenches to trap water from rivers. Technology has brought forth a rain gun sprinkler scientifically designed to irrigate large tracts of land quickly. The following are the reasons why rain gun sprinklers are special irrigation devices in our farms:

(a) Efficiency – This sprinkler uses less water during irrigation than other irrigation devices and patterns. This means you will spend fewer resources to cater for water on your farm. They are also easy to install and maintain.

(b) Can be used as pest and control devices in farms– Insecticides and pesticides can be mixed with water used for irrigation to eradicate pests and diseases. Since rain gun sprinklers sprinkle water over long distances, farmers have a great advantage of controlling pests in areas where they cannot reach their farms. Some rain gun sprinklers are also fitted with tanks carrying fertilizers and pesticides, making the machine assembling easy for the farmers.

(c) Rain gun sprinkler nozzles are interchangeable to facilitate the irrigation of crops regarding their stages of growth. These nozzles regulate pressures at which water is being discharged during irrigation to avoid the destruction of crops.

(d) Saves on operational cost – the sprinkler systems in a rain gun sprinkler are durable and easy to maintain compared to other sprinklers. Due to the maintenance cost, investing in rain gun sprinklers advantages the farmers more than other sprinklers. These sprinklers consume less power and use less water to irrigate large tracts of land within a short time frame.

Both commercial and domestic farming needs technology to improve efficiency and production. This article does not rule out other types of sprinklers but states the special features of rain gun sprinklers. When looking at the rain gun sprinkler price in Kenya, it’s better to focus on the maintenance cost and the device’s capability so that you know the cheaper sprinklers in the market.


By going through this article, you are in the right position to acquire the rain gun sprinkler since you know its features and advantages. Don’t be left behind by great technology.



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