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Ever wondered about playing slots online or trying a slot machine at a casino? Read up on the history of slots and see which slots you should try!

What has made Slots so popular worldwide?

Slot machines can be traced back to the 19th century when a company called Sittman and Pitt developed the first one in New York. You could find these five barrels, pull lever slot machines in most bars across the state. At this time, no pay-out mechanism had been developed, so you would have to collect your winnings behind the bar. The first automatic pay-out machine was created shortly after by Charles Fey. However, the industry was hit at the then of the 20th century when slot machines were officially banned.

The industry was revolutionized in the early 60s when the first electronic slot machine was manufactured. These slot machines still worked in the same way, as in they had a pull lever to play them, but all of the reels were operated entirely by electricity.

Fast forward another ten years or so, and you will come across the first-ever video slot machine, which was made in California. This paved the way, along with the internet boom in the 90s, to feature slot machines in online casinos.

We can play slots online anywhere across the globe with the ever-evolving smartphone and laptop technology. Over the years, many people have tried to find ways to beat the slots system. However, technology is so high tech, especially nowadays, that it’s near impossible. Many websites review online casinos, so thankfully, you don’t have to do all of the groundwork yourself.

Besides looking for a reliable casino, users also prefer to play online slots with good features. As a player, you probably be interested in finding a variety of games, graphics quality, sounds effects or getting some bonuses; so that is why we recommend you to visit 888’s website, where you can sign up and get access to really exceptional thrilling online slots.

So Why Slots?

With the gambling industry ever-growing, there are many different sectors to bet on, such as sports, cards, and bingo. So why do people choose to play slots? It’s quite an easy, straightforward answer. Slots are a game of chance and don’t require any unique skill set to play. There is always the notion for gambling enthusiasts that the next spin could be the big one.

Therefore, this is a popular sector with people who perhaps don’t gamble regularly. They can be confident that all it takes is one pull of the lever or press of the button to make them rich. Many companies are also developing different themes for their slot machines, making players, especially new ones, more comfortable playing. They can usually find a theme that they like or can relate to.

While anyone novice can play slots, it does pay to do your research especially finding out what slot machines have different payout percentages. Most percentages will be displayed on the slot machine. If you’re playing online, it can be found in the information section of the particular slot that you’re playing. This doesn’t guarantee that you will, of course, win, but it can increase your chances, as the higher the payout percentage, the more chance you have of winning.

A simple example of this is if you are playing a slot with a 90% pay-out and you bet $100; on average, the machine will return $90 in winnings to the player. This doesn’t sound that appealing, but the idea is you never know when that pay-out will be. Therefore, one player could spend $99 and win nothing, and another could then pay $1 and win $100. That is why progressive jackpot machines are appealing to players because they can often win life-changing sums of money.

These work by taking a small portion of the stake and adding it to a prize pool that continues to grow until someone wins it. The biggest ever win was 39 million dollars won at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. Here is a list created by Online Gambling of the top ten pay-out percentages, along with their jackpot values.

Slot Game Pay-out Percentage Jackpot Value
Lucky Leprechaun 96.83% $500,000
Book of Dead 96.21% $250,000
Gold Fish 96.00% $1,050,000
Carnival Cash 95.96% $500,000
Cleopatra 95.02% $2,000,000
Rainbow Riches 95.00% $25,000
Buffalo 94.85% $405,000
Wheel of Fortune 94.22% $250,000
Gladiator 91.50% $2,000,000
Mega Moolah 88.12% $2,000,000

There can be lots of money to be made playing slots. If you wanted to delve further into this research, you could also look at the slots’ variance. The variance refers to how often a slot pays out the jackpot. These can be broken down into the following three categories:

High Variance Games

It can often take a while for these slots to pay-out, but the dividends can be massive when they do.

Medium Variance Games

These slots will pay out relatively frequently with a combination of small and larger pay-outs.

Low Variance Games

Players will often win on these machines, but the pay-outs will be much smaller. This information won’t be advertised as the pay-out percentages would, so you will have to do some research online.

The Gambling Commission has recently recommended putting restrictions in place to slot games and online gambling in general so check out the new guidelines here.

To Conclude

It’s also a good idea to research where you will play slots, whether that’s land-based or online. For land-based casinos, you want to know about the facilities as well as the gaming experiences. But for the pure online enthusiast, it’s all about the gaming experience and making a tidy profit. Playing online comes with the bonus of being able to play at anytime, anywhere.

The odds of winning a huge jackpot are, of course, slim, and you have as much chance of winning the lottery as you do of winning some of the bigger prizes available. However, by playing slots of you have more chance of winning smaller prizes along the way. Plus, it’s a lot more fun! 

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