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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Band for Her That Will Last Forever

Every bride dreams of her wedding day. Many have every detail ironed out in their mind. You need to make sure you get the ring of her dreams. She wants the ring to represent everlasting love, but some brides need to consider other things.

Some brides have active jobs where a delicate ring won’t cut it. They need a wedding ring that can last. That’s what you’re here for. The following will show you how to choose a ring that may outlive you.

What Kind of Metal?

The first thing to consider is the metal. Some folks may not know this, but some metals are quite delicate and can’t handle certain activities too long.

One soft metal is gold. It’s wild to say that a certain metal is weak. When people think of metals, they don’t imagine any could be weak, but it’s true. Gold can be easily dented and damaged because it is soft. You could get a mixed metal band if you want gold, which should add some strength, but that’s up to you.

If you want your wedding band to last, you’ll have to consider alternative metals, strong ones. You want to go for metals like platinum, titanium, or tungsten. These are some of the strongest metals. This isn’t to say they are indestructible, but they can handle some roughness.

How to Personalize a Wedding Band?

The next thing to address is personalizing the wedding band. If you’re sitting there wondering why personalizing wedding bands for women is so important, that’s understandable. The reason it’s vital is that you want this ring to last for a long time. This means it should mean much more.

It’s not a passing thing. It’s something you are supposed to love for as long as you live and beyond. It’s supposed to be passed down. For all that to be true, it should be personalized, and that can be done in several ways, like by engraving or etching something special on the band.

You can etch or engrave all sorts of meaningful things that’ll fill your heart with the sweetest memories every time you see your band. These are some ways you can personalize your wedding band, but there are others. Talk to your jeweler for additional tips.

What Width Is Ideal?

Yes, the width of your band is quite important, yet most folks usually spend much time thinking about it. The width ranges from 1mm to 8mm. Many brides keep things simple. They just want the width of their band to match their engagement ring’s width.

If this is you, then you’re likely to be getting something between 2mm to 4mm. This doesn’t mean you need to stick to tradition. Try to see what bands with different widths look like next to your engagement ring. You’ll be surprised at the effect. Pay attention to your comfort level, too.

What’s the Deal With a Finish Anyhow?

You’ve heard of finishing before and probably aren’t a hundred percent sure what is meant by that. Well, it’s pretty simple. The finish gives your band a specific texture. You’ll want to consider this because it could make your band look perfect.

Again, these choices are vital since you want your band to last forever. One popular type of finish is a simple polish. This will ensure your band looks shinier than normal, a real statement piece. Now, that’s not the only thing you can choose. Some folks choose to add a matte finish to make the band duller.

The idea of having a dull band on purpose seems strange, but it can give you an interesting effect. Some choose to add a hammered finish to make their band stand out. You can also sandblast or brush it if you want. Examine all finishes until you find the right one for you.

Does My Wedding Band Need to Match My Partner’s?

Your wedding bands can match, and there are many fun ways to do that, but they don’t have to. If you want them to match, they can have the same finish, like a hammered finish. You can also choose a braided band that could combine the metals you love.

Still, if you can’t agree, then let it go. Your band is yours. It’s a symbol of your love, but it’s also a personal accessory that should reflect who you are. At the end of the day, you are both individuals, and individuals can love different bands. 

The idea that your bands don’t have to match is probably messing with your head, but these bands have to last for some time. You can’t fall in love with a band that isn’t for you. You’ll realize this if you don’t choose the right band.

What Is My Lifestyle Like?

Are you especially active? This will be important since you will need to get a band that’s strong enough for you. Still, some changes will have to take place, and it mostly has to do with your everyday life. If you happen to swim or garden, you’ll want to remove your ring.

You also want to remove it when you’re going to wash dishes unless you just place them in the dishwasher. When you cook or play a sport, you’ll probably want to remove your ring as well. The reason you’re doing this is that your ring could get damaged or could tarnish. It can also become loose and fall off, which would be heartbreaking.

If you play a sport, you could even hurt others with your weddings rings. It’s best to remove them for your peace of mind. You will want to do everything you can to take care of your wedding ring.

Bottom Line

Choosing a band that is meant to last forever isn’t easy. This is going to take some work. You can also talk to a jewelry specialist to get some tips.

You have to spend more time thinking about all the specifics so that decades from now, you continue to be happy with your choice. Hopefully, that’s what you end up with if you follow these tips.

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