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Are you planning to expand your business internationally and accept payments from other countries? Learn about your payment processing options!

Take Your Business Global with The Best International Payment Processing Options

Take Your Business Global with The Best International Payment Processing Options

Are you planning to expand your business internationally and accept payments from other countries? In order to do that, you need trusted and secure international payment processing options. There are many high risk credit card processing companies that do the complex job of managing the cross-border costs, foreign exchange fees, currency conversions, and also choosing the right international payment gateway. However, it isn’t easy to choose one from a sea of companies. 

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What does a Payment Processing Company do?

A payment processor acts as a middleman for merchants, processing credit and debit card transactions. Payment processors obtain transaction approval, interact with the customer’s issuing bank, and deposit payments into your merchant account. While the payment processor sends funds, the payment gateway secures data. The transaction only becomes successful if your customer’s card has sufficient funds and is valid. 

Also, it is the responsibility of the payment processing business to ensure that fraudulent practises do not occur. Furthermore, if a customer challenges and proves that your firm charged them inaccurately, the payment processor will handle the wrongfully done transaction. However, this does not imply that they will do it for free. The customer will not be charged, but your business will.

Best International Payment Processing Companies

The capability to take credit and debit card payments is a must for most organisations in today’s times. That necessitates the use of a credit card processing company. A credit card processor functions as a link between your company and your customer’s credit card companies. You’ll need a payment processor to accept credit card payments, even if you have a physical store or are solely online. With many different prices, regulations, and alternatives available, finding the proper processor for your business can be a task.

  • SharkProcessing 

One of the most established high risk credit card processing companies, SharkProcessing provides merchants with excellent credit card processing and payment solutions. The company has exclusive ties with banks and other financial organizations that work with high-risk merchants. 

The company has made a name for fantastic domestic and international payment processing solutions. Furthermore, choose SharkProcessing for multiple high-risk payment options and also easy merchant account approvals. Along with advice from experts, the company negotiates the credit card processing rates on behalf of the merchants. 

  • Square

Square develops solutions to assist small and medium-sized businesses in starting and growing their businesses. From accepting credit cards and monitoring inventory to real-time analytics and invoicing, Square’s solutions have helped many businesses. There are no chargeback costs with Square for disputed purchases, and it will even assist you in creating a free ecommerce store. However, paid plans are available for enterprises that require a custom domain, customer reviews, or discounted shipping. Other business software offered by Square includes payroll processing, marketing, and loyalty programmes. Small businesses can benefit greatly from these services since they can handle numerous areas of their operations on a single platform.

  • WorldPay

Worldpay is a payment solution that allows you to accept credit card payments directly from your app or website. It’s one of the most popular international payment gateways as it supports payments from over 120 currencies. The company makes it simple for you to accept payments from customers all over the world. Worldpay, however, has long contracts and also can charge you early termination fees if you close your account early. 

  • PayPal

PayPal is one of the most trusted options when it comes to online payments. It’s very easy to set up, making it a great choice for all businesses, including small businesses and start-ups. Because most people know PayPal, the company can help your business inspire confidence in potential buyers. Furthermore, the company is available in most countries and regions and supports over 20 currencies. Therefore, it is an amazing global option for businesses looking for an international payment gateway provider.

  • Stripe

Merchants and web developers can utilise Stripe’s API to add payment processing to their websites. Unlike many others, this company does not charge transaction fees for numerous of the company’s free services, such as refunds. You can easily upgrade their payment platforms with just a few lines of code. Although Stripe is one of the high risk credit card processing companiessome higher-risk industries may have to wait seven days for payments to be deposited into their accounts.

  • Sage Pay

Sage Pay is widely regarded as one of the top international payment gateways globally and provides a wide range of payment acceptance options for merchant services. The company has two service tiers, Business for small-to-medium-sized businesses and Corporate for bigger businesses. It accepts credit and debit card payments from all major card issuers and can handle payments in over 20 different currencies.

  • Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a wonderful option for anyone searching for a low-cost international payment gateway with a straightforward UI. It also has an option of many currencies, making it the ideal company for your company to function internationally. Amazon’s own credit card payment processor accepts payments on its parent’s website, giving it immediate access to large amounts of money. It has also expanded by making its platform available to other merchant sites, which is an appealing prospect for third-party merchants.

  • Ayden

Ayden, which provides a global payment processing solution, supports over 30 different currencies, making it an excellent choice for businesses willing to expand internationally. This worldwide online payment gateway enables you to take a wide choice of payment methods, providing your consumers with a quality online shopping experience. Adyen is a payment platform that combines a gateway, front-end processing services for e-commerce businesses. Adyen is a full-stack gateway with notable merchants like Microsoft and Spotify as customers. Merchants have been drawn to the company by a single platform that supports payments in any channel across 250 local payment methods in 200 countries.

Therefore, every company has its own set of advantages they come with. It is for you to decide which credit card processing company fits your demands by looking into their services and plans. 

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