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Have you ever wanted to paint but struggled to think of your own landscape? Discover what painting by numbers can offer here.

Enjoy This Awesome Hobby – Painting by Numbers

Painting by Numbers is a peaceful, fun, self-care hobby. Whether you are familiar with this hobby or just looking for something new to try, this is a delightful way to keep yourself busy and relaxed.

Here are a few tips to better enjoy this awesome activity.

  1. Start Small.

This tip especially applies to you if you are a beginner. Choose a simple subject, such as a flower or a leaf, and practice tracing it onto a canvas. Once you feel comfortable with that, move up to more complex subjects.

You can go for more complex or challenging designs if you are advanced painter.

  1. Know Your Tools.

You need to know what tools you will use when painting by numbers. A good set includes an easel, paintbrushes, a palette knife, and various paints.

It is better to work on a framed canvas so that it stays tight while you work, and you are not likely to create creases. Most of our paint by numbers kits for adults have a frame option.

  1. Choose a Subject Matter You Love.

If you love art, you should choose a subject you enjoy. It will make the process more enjoyable and less stressful.

If you are not a beginner, you can order a custom paint by numbers kit of anything you love. Be it a pet, spouse, kids, or anything you have favorite memories of and cherish.

  1. Mix your Colors Properly.

On your canvas, you may find a section with two numbers on them, meaning you have two mixes of two colors.

While mixing, do not dip your brush from one paint container to the next; if not, you will contaminate the colors.

Also, do not try to mix both colors on the canvas itself, so you don’t ruin it or make a mess of the whole thing.

You should pour a little of both colors on an old saucer or container, then mix before applying it to the canvas area.

  1. Keep Your Brushes Clean

You have to thoroughly clean your brushes after you are done with each color. The reason is, so you don’t taint the next color. For instance, if you just used a dark color like black, you will make a mess of the whole thing if you do not clean your brush and dip it into pink paint.

However, if you do this accidentally, do not mix the paint with the brush. Instead, use the corner of a clean cloth or paper towel to remove the contaminated section.

  1. Paint over the numbers first

Before applying paint to a section, I recommend covering the numbers first.
Sometimes, the number on the canvas can show through the paint, especially if it is a lighter color and if the pain consistency is weak.

You can use a white pencil to color the number before painting that area.

  1. Learn From Other Artists.

You can pick up a lot from other artists. They have been doing this for years and have developed some good techniques. So, it will be wise to study their works and methods.

Final Thoughts

All the tips in this article will be useless if you are not in the mental, physical and emotional space to paint.

You must be comfortable and relaxed to enjoy this awesome hobby-painting by numbers.

Go with each brush stroke, and feel the tension in you disappear, and soon you will begin to enjoy the therapeutic process of paint-by-numbers.

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