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Bring new, vibrant energy into your home by using these eight helpful tips to learn how to paint your door without leaving ugly brush marks!

8 Tips To Paint A Door Without Brush Marks

One of the biggest pain points for people who are painting a door is the fact that you have to use a brush to get a nice, smooth finish. However, you don’t have to choose between a professional look and a mess. You can get both by following these tips. One of the first things that people notice about a new door when they walk into a room is the fact that it has a new paint job. People will notice the door and then look at the person painting and ask, “Why are you painting that?”

If you want to paint a metal door without brush marks, you will need to apply several coats to get a smooth and even finish. However, this process is not as easy as it seems. Most people will end up with brush marks when painting a door, which looks terrible. If you want to avoid this problem, follow these painting tips.

painting a door

Tools and Materials That Will Need

You will need the following tools and materials to get the job done:

  1. Paint roller
  2. 2 ½ inch paintbrush
  3. A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment
  4. Orbital sander
  5. Sawhorses
  6. Light, medium, and coarse gritted sandpaper
  7. Paint
  8. Primer
  9. Paint conditioner

painting a door

Take The Door Off Its Hinges

If you are planning on painting your own door, it is a good idea to take the door off its hinges. This will allow you to paint it without any problems. However, you should note that this process could be dangerous if you do not take the time to put the hinges back on correctly. You should also make sure that your door can handle the weight of a large person when they are getting through it.

painting a door

Apply A Clear Coat Of Paint

You should apply a clear coat of paint to your door before painting it completely. This will help with any brush marks that may appear when you are painting and will also protect your door from any damage caused by the paint fumes. Using a clear coat of paint will also make it easier for you to clean up after the painting is complete and before moving into the new door to your home or office.

painting a door

Choose The Right Paint

When you are painting a door, it is important to choose the right paint. You should look for paint that has a high gloss finish. This will help to make your door look new when you are finished with it. You should also make sure that the paint you choose has been tested for durability and will not chip or scratch easily.

painting a door

Sand Down The Door To Remove Old Brush Marks And Blemishes

When you are painting a door, you should use high-quality sandpaper to sand down the door. You should then apply a clear coat of paint over the door and at the same time clean up any remaining brush marks and blemishes with a paint scraper tool. If you do not do this, you may end up with small scratches on your door that will show when your paint job has been completed.

painting a door

Sand After Every Coat Of Paint

You should sand down the door after every coat of paint has been applied. This will help to smooth out any remaining imperfections in your paint job and make it appear more professional. If you do not do this, you may end up with small scratches on your door that make it look like it has been painted many times before.

painting a door

Avoid Brushes Altogether

You should avoid using paintbrushes to apply for your paint job. Paintbrushes are designed to apply paint to flat surfaces, but they can also scratch the surface of your door. You should use a roller instead of a brush when painting doors and use a sponge or rag for your edges.

painting a door

Follow The Grain Direction

You should always follow the grain direction when painting doors. This means that you should paint the door in one direction and then turn around and paint the other side of the door in the same direction. This will ensure that your paint job is done evenly and will not have any jagged edges or uneven textures.

painting a door

Do Not Paint Over A Stain

You should never try to paint over a stain on your door. Paint is a poor choice for covering up stains because it will not last as long as a stain will. If you do this, you may end up with an unsightly blotch on your door that can make it look much worse than it originally was.

painting a door


Painting doors is a very simple process, but it can be one that’s quite difficult to master. These tips will help you get the most out of your paint job, and you should have no trouble at all applying them to your own home.

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