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Whether you sell goods or provide services, use these outdoor banner tips to make sure your business gets even more customers than ever!

How To Make Sure Your Outdoor Banners Have the Impact You Want

Excellent marketing and salesmanship are the hallmarks of all successful businesses. They can make their brands highly visible to their target audiences which often make the critical difference in an intensely completive market.

Even though considered low-tech, advertising banners can be highly effective for local and ground-level marketing activities like trade shows, fairs, exhibitions, charity events, seminars, workshops, sales promotions, road shows, etc.

However, since all these occasions call for the placement of the banner outside, you will need to ensure they remain effective amidst the clutter, distractions, and the weather. Some tips for making your outdoor banners effective:

Determine the Purpose of the Banner

Even though an outdoor banner is a highly effective communication tool, it can perform well if it has only one job. Before rushing to design a banner, you should think hard about what you are trying to communicate to your target audiences since it will affect the size, contents, and design.

outdoor banner tips

Keep the Design Simple

People see banners as they pass by on foot or in cars, which means they have a fleeting moment to notice, read, and understand the message. You must use an attention-grabbing caption that conveys the prime reason for the banner and include your business name, logo, and contacts.

You must not make the design complicated as it looks messy from a distance, making it hard to read the message. Limit the amount of text in banners for outside and ensure you use a large font that is easily readable from the usual viewing distance.

Do not use fancy fonts with serifs as they are hard to read, instead use simple fonts. Communicate only one idea in one banner even if you have lots to say since people cannot process too many things. According to Interaction Design Foundation, using white space in the banner design can improve the communication experience.

Use Color and Contrast to Boost Visibility

The outdoors can be very noisy and full of clutter and distractions, making it difficult for people to notice your banner. To attract more eyeballs, you must select a bright and attention-grabbing color. However, you must ensure that the color scheme does not make the banner merge with the background because it will not be noticeable.

For example, while red is a color that people notice easily if you display a red banner against a brick wall, it would not be seen much. If you notice that your brand colors do not stand out, it can be a good idea to use a border of a high-contrast color like black or white to make it pop.

outdoor banner tips


Outdoor banners can only be effective if the target audience notices them. Generally speaking, banners placed high, have a clear line of sight without any obstructions, and are in well-lit places will perform much better.

Even though modern digital printed vinyl banners are weather-proof, you must ensure you replace them before they start looking shabby. Also, keep switching the banner positions and designs because, after some time, people become accustomed to their presence and stop noticing them. Also, make it a point to take them down if their purpose is over.

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