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Night Hunting Trip: The Thrill and Delight of Reuniting with Old Friends

Magee Dryden, Gustave Flynn and I were high school classmates, and we went our separate ways after graduation, rarely having a chance to meet. Last week, we finally found a gap in our schedules and agreed to go hunting together at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area in Arkansas. This is the largest state park in Arkansas, covering 12,000 acres, with a lot of wildlife and natural scenery, a paradise for hunting enthusiasts. 

This time we chose night hunting, a special way of hunting. The advantage is that night hunting can avoid the crowds and noise during the day, and also observe some nocturnal animals, such as foxes, raccoons, deer, etc. These animals are hard to see during the day, but become active at night, providing us with more choices and fun. The difficulty is that night hunting requires finding and shooting targets in the dark, which requires high vision and skill. Moreover, night hunting also has a certain degree of danger, because we do not know what other animals are lurking in the forest, which may pose a threat to us.

To cope with these challenges and dangers, we all brought night vision binoculars, so that we can see the target clearly in the dark, and also protect our eyes from strong light stimulation. We used WildGuarder Owler1 Night Vision Binoculars, which is a high-performance night vision device with high magnification and clarity, as well as a built-in infrared illuminator that can be used in complete darkness. This night vision binocular made us feel like we had superpowers and could explore and hunt freely in the night.

We rented a four-wheel drive vehicle in the park and drove to a place away from people. We found a suitable location, parked the car, and took out our guns and ammunition, ready to start our night hunting trip. We all wore camouflage clothes and hats to blend in with the surrounding environment. We also brought some food and water, as well as some first aid supplies, just in case.

We first looked for a suitable location in the forest, and then waited for the animals to appear. We put on our night vision binoculars, turned on the infrared illuminator, and made the surrounding scenery clear. We saw some small animals, such as squirrels, rabbits, etc., but did not shoot. Because we wanted to shoot bigger and more challenging animals, such as deer or wild boar. We waited patiently for about an hour, and finally saw a huge deer with long antlers that looked beautiful. It slowly walked out of the woods and came to an open space. It seemed unaware of our presence and lowered its head to eat grass. We immediately became excited; this was a rare opportunity. We decided to try shooting it, but just as we were about to pull the trigger, we heard a loud noise; it turned out that a black bear appeared; it seemed to be attracted by the antlers. It attacked the deer; the deer also fought back. We were scared by this fierce fight; we dared not move. Fortunately, the black bear did not notice us; it finally bit the deer to death and dragged its body away. We finally breathed a sigh of relief… 

This was the most thrilling and interesting thing we encountered during our night hunting process; it was also an experience we will never forget. Although we did not shoot any animals; we witnessed a breathtaking duel between wild animals; it also increased our knowledge and courage. We took some photos to record this rare scene; then continued our night hunting trip.

After night hunting; we got up in the morning feeling hungry and tired. We decided to go to a local restaurant for breakfast; replenish our strength and spirit. We chose Ozark Cafe; this is a historic restaurant with many local specialties. We heard that the owner of this restaurant is a hunting enthusiast; he often shares his hunting stories and experiences with customers. We wanted to hear his insights; also wanted to exchange our night hunting trip with him.

We arrived at the restaurant; found that there were already many people eating breakfast there. The restaurant’s decoration was very distinctive; there were various animal skulls and fur hanging on the walls; as well as some hunting guns and tools. The atmosphere of the restaurant was relaxed and friendly; the waiters were all wearing camouflage clothes; smilingly greeted the guests. We found a window seat; sat down. The waiter brought us the menu; there were many dishes that we had never heard of before; such as Arkansas Razorback Burger (Arkansas Razorback Pig Burger), Possum Pie (Opossum Pie), Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits (Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits), etc. We were curious; we asked the waiter what these dishes were.

The waiter patiently introduced us to these dishes’ methods and flavors. Arkansas Razorback Burger is a burger made from wild boar meat unique to Arkansas; the meat is firm and juicy; paired with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion; plus, some chili sauce; the taste is very spicy and rich. Possum Pie is a dessert; made with cream cheese, chocolate pudding and whipped cream filling; placed on a nut cracker base; sprinkled with some chocolate chips and whipped cream flowers; it looks like an opossum lying on a plate; but it is actually very sweet and soft. Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits is a traditional breakfast food; made with chocolate powder and milk to make a thick gravy; poured over freshly baked soft biscuits; with some butter and jam; the taste is both salty and sweet; very satisfying.

We listened to drooling; ordered these three dishes to try. In a short while, the waiter brought us the dishes we ordered. We couldn’t wait to taste them; found that they were all delicious; made us eat happily. We also chatted with the owner and the waiter; they were all friendly and enthusiastic. The owner told us that he was also a hunting enthusiast; he often went to the park to hunt. He also showed us some photos of the animals he shot; there were wild boars, turkeys, squirrels, etc. He said his favorite was night hunting, because it was more challenging and exciting. We told him that we also went night hunting last night, and encountered a duel between a black bear and a deer. The owner was surprised, and said we were lucky and brave. He said he had never seen such a scene, only heard some rumors. He also gave us some hunting advice and tips, said if we had a chance, we could come here to hunt again, he could take us to some better places.

We chatted with the owner happily, and it felt like he was an old friend. We finished our breakfast, paid the bill, and gave the waiter some tips. We said goodbye to the owner and the waiter, and said we would come again next time. They all wished us a safe journey, and gave us some biscuits and fruits. We took these things, walked out of the restaurant, got in the car, ready to go home. We reviewed our night hunting trip on the road, and felt very fulfilled and satisfied. Although we did not shoot any animals, we tasted the local food, also met some new friends, most importantly, we reunited with old friends, shared each other’s recent situation and stories, and enhanced our feelings. This was an unforgettable experience; we were all happy and grateful.

We got home, packed our luggage and equipment, then prepared to part ways. We all live in different cities, have different jobs and lives, and don’t know when we will meet next time. We were all reluctant to leave, but also grateful for this night hunting trip that gave us a rare opportunity to reunite with old friends.

We hugged each other, said some blessings words, then got in our own cars, drove in different directions. We also agreed to keep in touch, share our photos and videos, and maybe plan our next night hunting trip. We drove away, looking at the scenery outside the window, feeling warm and moved.

This night hunting trip let us experience thrill and delight; also let us reunite with old friends. We saw the charm and wonder of nature; also felt the warmth and preciousness of friendship. This was an unforgettable experience; we were all happy and satisfied. We believe that no matter where we go, no matter what difficulties and challenges we encounter, we will remember this night hunting trip; also remember each other’s friendship. This is our most valuable treasure; also, our most beautiful memory.

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