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MindStir Media has been able to create a successful name for itself in the publishing arena. Take a look at its newest endorsement deal.

MindStir Media, a leading publishing company, gets endorsed by Daniel Baldwin

Books play an indispensable role in one’s life. Books are a source of immense knowledge and information on several subjects. Books have a deep and meaningful impact on an individual’s life. They help in shaping an individual and the way one thinks, responds and acts. Not only do books provide information, but also they are a source of fun and entertainment. But for a book to become successful, being well-written is not the only prerequisite. It is also important that the book reaches the masses and that people are made aware of it. This is where publishing steps in. 

Traditionally, publishing wasn’t given much emphasis, but in the modern-day competitive world, it has become a full-fledged industry. Modern day publishing houses are equipped with well-qualified individuals who have special skills necessary for this field. However, engaging a good publishing service is not always easy. These services usually cost a fortune, and for new sellers, this does not seem to be a viable option economically. However, we have a solution for the same. This article talks about MindStir Media, a leading self-publishing house in L.A. offering quality and affordable publishing services. 

About MindStir Media

Founded in 2009 by J.J. Hebert, MindStir Media is the best L.A. book publisher. Mr. Hebert himself is the number one Amazon bestselling author of 5 books. The company is unique in the sense that it’s a self publishing house that provides young writers affordable publishing services. The organization has tie ups with several notable platforms both offline and online. A staggering number of 40,000 retailers & wholesalers procure books published by MindStir Media along with hundreds of online platforms. The brand is expanding its reach worldwide and its books are available in almost every nook & corner of the world. 

Notable Works, Partnerships & Endorsements

MindStir Media has been able to create a successful and well-reputed name for itself in the publishing arena. Currently, it works with some of the giants of the industry. Not only this, they are actively promoting their brand. The brand has strategic partnerships with the likes of Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. Another popular figure associated with MindStir Media is the famous actress Mariel Hemingway. 

Recently, MindStir Media added another feather to its cap. Daniel Baldwin, a famous actor and author endorsed MindStir Media as the best publishing agency. The actor spoke highly about the brand’s publishing services, its quality of work and customer management. Further, he also elaborated on the opportunities that the brand has in store for both youth and experienced authors. 

Major Services 

MindStir Media offers a variety of services and facilities to its customers. It even offers customized services and packages at affordable prices. Every author is given due attention at MindStir Media. They are assigned their respective agents and representatives who work closely with them on their projects. These representatives help the authors understand the publishing process and at the same time convey their requirements to the company. This facilitates a successful publishing process. 

Some major services that are provided by MindStir Media include: 

  • Mentoring from a bestselling author;
  • Book designing, layout, presentation;
  • Professional editing;
  • Printing facility in different forms;
  • Marketing and publicity; and 
  • distribution

These services are provided at affordable prices by the company. The company acts as a stepping stone for the young authors by providing them a quality platform. The company’s policy to let authors retain copyright over their work and earn royalties makes it even more desirable & credible. 

Thus, one can certainly rely on MindStir Media when it comes to publishing books. 

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