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Luke Evans and Billy Porter have quite the roles under their belt now! Look at the new role that made the young Evans shed more than a few tears!

Not proud? Discover why Luke Evans ‘Wept’ over his first gay role

Who’s ready for an emotional rollercoaster? Brace yourselves because Luke Evans and Billy Porter are taking us on an unprecedented ride in Our Son which just had its dazzling premiere at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival. 

This gripping flick is about a same-sex couple, Nicky (Evans) and Gabriel (Porter), entangled in a custody battle over their adorable eight-year-old son, Owen (Christopher Woodley), while heading for splitsville.

Opening up

We all know Evans from blockbusters like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, but in Our Son, he’s keeping it 100 and telling a story close to his heart. It’s the first time he’s playing a gay character in a big-time film, and he’s all in! Chatting with People, Evans spilled that he’d been waiting forever to take on a role that mirrored his own life as a gay man.

The emotions are running high in Our Son. Evans admitted that the script brought him to tears every single time. But, there’s something real and relatable that’s going to hit everyone in the feels.

Real love

But, let’s not just talk about the big screen. Off-screen, Evans is living his best life with his beau, Fran Tomas. They made heads turn at a UNICEF event last December. It’s all about love and living authentically for these two!

Despite being in the limelight, Evans has faced some shade for keeping his personal life under wraps. He clapped back in an interview with Attitude magazine in 2020, saying he was never hiding, his private life was just that – private!

Raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, Evans set out on his own at 16 to chase his dreams in acting. Being openly gay wasn’t easy, and when the rumors and speculations about him being closeted started to fly, it stung. But Evans never backed down.

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Calm in chaos

Now, back to Our Son. The magic in the storytelling here is that it’s so darn real. Director Bill Oliver’s smooth sailing approach even amidst the tempest of a custody battle is what sets this apart. The film is all heart, with the raw emotions of a crumbling marriage told with finesse.

The chemistry between Evans and Porter is like a moth to a flame. You can’t help but be drawn to their performances. They both bring depth to their characters which makes the drama feel so tangible.

And let’s not forget the quirky mix of friends in this flick. They might seem a bit much at first, but trust us, you’ll be digging their advice and banter in no time. They add layers to the story that only your BFFs can bring to your own drama.

What’s next

Our Son takes us through the heartbreaks and the hopeful moments that remind us why we put our hearts on the line in the first place. Whether you’re here for the representation or just love a good tearjerker, this movie is a must-see.

Luke Evans, Billy Porter, and the entire cast bring a fresh take to a story as old as time. The next time someone tells you that they’ve seen it all, tell them to watch Our Son and talk later.

Our Son has us asking the questions that hit the heart – what’s love got to do with it? And what do you do when it feels like it’s slipping away?


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