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London Filming Locations: Shaftesbury Theatre’s History

Known for its enthralling West End productions, the Shaftesbury Theatre also serves as a captivating backdrop in beloved films, television series, and renowned fashion shoots. 

Beyond its theatrical fame, it has embraced diverse media spectrums, from prestigious fashion magazine spreads to exclusive interviews and thought-provoking podcasts. 

As the largest independent theatre in the West End, they are able to offer quick turnarounds on planning and are looking to offer more space for alternative rentals in future. For enquiries you can email or read more about their work here.

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1. The First ‘Comic Relief’, 1986

In 1986, the Shaftesbury Theatre became the vibrant setting for the first inaugural Comic Relief event, a variety show titled “Comic Relief: Utterly Utterly Live.” 

Broadcasting live on the BBC, this pioneering telethon united comedic stars and entertainers, spearheaded by Rowan Atkinson, to bring a huge range of talent to the Shaftesbury’s stage – including a duet between Atkinson and Kate Bush. The event revolutionized charity fundraising, generating substantial contributions for charitable causes both locally and internationally. This groundbreaking tradition continues today with ‘Red Nose Day’ being a yearly staple of British charity work.

2. British Vogue’s Theatre Shoot

During the unprecedented challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, British Vogue reached out to distinguished figures from the West End, encouraging them to reflect on the profound influence of theatre on their personal and professional trajectories. 

This feature delved into the global impact of theatre and playhouse closures, shedding light on the industry’s struggles while spotlighting various initiatives aimed at bolstering the theatre community throughout the pandemic’s upheavals. At the Shaftesbury Theatre, eminent personalities like Imelda Staunton, Paapa Essiedu, and Rosalie Craig offered heartfelt insights into their treasured moments within the theatrical realm. 

3. Piers Morgan UNCENSORED x Zlatan Ibrahimović

Hosting an exclusive interview with football legend Zlatan Ibrahimović for Piers Morgan UNCENSORED, the Shaftesbury Theatre served as the platform for an in-depth discussion. Delving into Ibrahimović’s career, childhood, and iconic football moments, the interview offered a rare glimpse into his international and British club experiences.

4. ‘Leader Weekends: Our New Theatre Review’ with The Evening Standard  

The Shaftesbury Theatre set the stage for Nick Curtis and Nancy Durrant’s Evening Standard podcast in 2022, exploring the vibrant West End theatre scene. Their discussions unveiled the intricacies of standout productions, like Tammy Faye at The Almeida and Marvellous at Soho Place. Focusing on the strengths of plots and standout performances, their podcast guides audiences on their next choice of theatre show. You can listen to the podcast here.

5. Sunset+Vine Productions: ‘Rugby Autumn Nation Series’

Hosting Sunset+Vine Productions for the Rugby Autumn Nations Series in 2022, the Shaftesbury Theatre showcased its versatility when setting the stage for the promotional footage. From a solitary drummer onstage to an empty auditorium of over 1,200 seats, the footage utilized the capabilities of the Shaftesbury professional lighting and grandeur of Edwardian architecture. 

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Beyond its acclaimed live performances, the Shaftesbury Theatre has welcomed athletes, models, journalists, and diverse media endeavors. As a dynamic stage for creativity and expression, it remains an integral part of the evolving entertainment and cultural landscape.

For inquiries about filming or photoshoots at The Shaftesbury, reach out to Alongside their classic auditorium, there are a number of unique bars and alternative spaces also available to rent.

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