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Can you guess which bird has eyes that are bigger than its brain? We have the answer, plus more fun facts about this large species right here!

Which Bird’s Eyes Are Larger Than Its Brain?

Which Bird Has a Smaller Brain than Either of Its Eyeballs? There are several animals living on land or in the ocean with eyes larger than their brains. Their large eyes grant them a keener sense of vision, which helps them navigate their natural environment better.


Captive ostriches are only found in the African black variety from one of three species of ostrich. Almost all climatic conditions, from Alaska to equatorial Africa, allow them to be farmed for meat, leather, and feathers. 

Compared to all farmed land animals in the world, ostriches gain more feed per pound of body weight and have the toughest fur.

When it comes to Which Bird Has a Smaller Brain than Either of Its Eyeballs? The answer is an ostrich. Ostriches have pretty big eyes, similar to billiard balls. Ostriches’ eyeballs and brains take up so much space inside their skulls that their brains are actually smaller than their eyeballs. 

Perhaps the ostrich’s tendency to circle may be responsible for its inability to elude predators despite its speed: it is weak at eluding them. It is not surprising that ostriches cannot think well. According to experts from one of the professional writing services StudyEssay, their brain is smaller, and this makes them one of the least intelligent birds.

It is thought that ostriches are not particularly bright, but they have the ability to run as fast as 40 miles per hour in order to escape their predators. It takes them between 10 and 16 steps to cover 10 feet. Ostriches also lay the biggest eggs in the world, in addition to having eyes bigger than their brains.

Interesting Facts about Ostrich:

  • Female ostriches are darker than male ostriches. The black and white color of males makes them easy to recognize. The young and females are usually gray-brown and white. 
  • It is possible for ostriches to go without water for long periods of time. Water is absorbed from the food they consume.
  • It feeds on locusts and other small animals like lizards.

  • Ostriches are among the fastest birds on earth. Their speed is greater than that of lions and leopards.
  • There is no breastbone in an ostrich.
  • Unlike any other bird, this one has only two toes. The knees of an ostrich bend forward, not backward, which is why they kick forward. The ostrich does not drink water because they make some of their own and some of it is found in their diet.
  • They live in groups or herds. Alpha males and alpha females usually breed together. The dominant male and dominant female of lesser hens incubate the fertilized eggs in the same nest, and they are responsible for protecting the fertilized eggs.

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Tarsiers only measure 12 cm long and have 1.5 cm-wide pupils. The size of each eye is about equal to the size of its brain. Their large ears allow them to hear better and locate their prey better, which makes them very unique among small primates. 

They have large eyes which give them the ability to detect and hunt in the dark when other animals cannot do so, like other creatures with disproportionately large features. For more informative articles click here healthyell.

Wrapping Up

Does an ostrich eye is bigger than its brain? Yes, it does. Its brain is about half the size of its one yee. An ostrich’s eye measures about 2 inches in diameter, making it the largest eye on Earth.  It is said that an ostrich male can grow as tall as 9 feet and weigh as much as 350 pounds.

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