Trending News Legal Network: The One-Stop Solution for Your Legal Needs, a leading legal platform, provides comprehensive legal information to businesses, individuals, and legal professionals around the world. They aim to simplify the process of obtaining legal advice and services for people who need them. offers a one-stop shop for all legal support, whether it’s legal advice, consultation with leading attorneys, document prep by attorneys in our directory, researching professional practices, or finding legal professionals. Legal support is needed by anyone facing legal issues, including businesses. Whoever they are, we can help. Everyone can find something useful on their path to legal knowledge! Legal Tech & Legal AI were designed and developed by Grandmaster Boris Kreiman – a professional chess player – and his team. This included Kseniya Dzigava-Kreiman, who is Kreiman’s wife and co-founder. Kreiman founded in order to teach children the potential of AI through chess. He was one of the first researchers to study artificial intelligence and analytics. 


Boris has been working in technology for over two decades developing artificial intelligence algorithms and processes. In the early 2000s, he began to work with AI by using chess servers. He tested machine intelligence against creativity and human intuition. AI legal technology is a combination of chess knowledge and AI’s transformative power. Kreiman is convinced that artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool to bring justice and revolutionize the way legal technology works.


Here are some reasons why is your best legal resource.


Find the right lawyer


Finding and connecting with an appropriate legal representative can be crucial to efficiently and effectively resolving any legal issues. developed a local lawyer finder that is easy to use and allows users to search for lawyers by practice area, location, and experience. The tool allows users to find lawyers based on their location, practice area, and credentials. They can also compare fees and read reviews from clients. This helps them make an informed decision when choosing legal representation. Users can also post their legal concerns on the platform and receive multiple quotes from lawyers willing to represent them.


Local Lawyer Finder makes it easy and quick for users to find an experienced, qualified attorney to meet their legal needs.


Document Preparation Resources


For those who lack legal knowledge or expertise, preparing legal documents is a time-consuming process. provides document information to help users create legal documents such as contracts, wills, and power of attorney. Users can customize legal documents by filling out templates with their own personal information and data.


Legal Research Resources’s Legal Research Resources provide users with the information they need to win a lawsuit. From articles, blogs, and case law to statutes,’s Legal Research Resources are unmatched in their legal research capabilities.


This platform includes a legal dictionary, which provides simple explanations in plain English of legal concepts and terms. The platform also provides access to templates and legal forms for different legal documents, such as court forms, business forms, and others. offers reliable and up-to-date legal research materials that save you the trouble of having to search elsewhere for information. The platform provides access to state laws, legal forms, and other documents from all over the US., the flagship platform of, also includes two other sites: (for state laws) and (for legal forms). These websites provide users with more resources and tools to navigate state laws and legal documents.


State Laws Statutes Rules and Regulations provide access to statutes, laws, and rules of every US state. This platform provides state-specific information about family law, criminal laws, estate planning, and more. It is perfect for researching areas of disagreement between spouses. offers detailed information on state-specific laws. This includes statutes, regulations, and court rulings. It also provides legal articles about state laws. On the site, users can access news and legal articles about state laws. has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to find relevant information. Not only that, but also boasts a vast network of attorneys in America!


Legal Forms & Documents provides users with an extensive library of legal templates and forms related to different areas of law, such as employment, family, business, and real estate. Users can create legal documents like contracts and agreements using customizable forms. offers templates that are easy to use and tailored to specific state legal requirements. The platform provides forms that are necessary when creating a business, buying/selling property, creating legal agreements, or conducting other legal procedures. is a comprehensive source of legal information and resources. as well as offer easy-to-use solutions to complex procedures. These platforms offer users valuable resources to help them understand state-specific laws or obtain legal documents. provides users with a wealth of information, legal documents, and a directory of attorneys. This allows them to save time and money and ensure that their legal issues are handled quickly and correctly. is a comprehensive resource that provides all the tools and resources needed for anyone seeking legal support and guidance.


Divorce laws and marriage laws: essential resources for relationship matters


Divorce and marriage disputes are among the most complex, emotionally draining legal processes. provides two powerful platforms that provide comprehensive legal resources relating to divorce and marital disputes. These platforms offer users the guidance, information, and resources they need to successfully navigate these proceedings.


Divorce Information and Forms provides information and resources on divorce laws and their implementation in different states throughout America. The site offers resources for marriage dissolutions, divorce court proceedings, and post-divorce issues like alimony payments and child support. Divorce. laws also provide detailed information on how to file divorce papers and legal procedures, as well as state-specific divorce laws.


This website offers articles that go into detail about divorce issues such as child custody and support, property division, and shared parenting. Mediation and the Collaborative Method are also options for settling divorce disputes. offers legal forms, representation, and advice to anyone involved in the divorce process. They provide online divorce forms that make it easier for users to file divorce papers. Additionally, they connect them with attorneys who are experts in family law and divorce matters.


Texas and Louisiana Marriage Laws and Statutes provides legal resources and advice related to marital issues and disputes. This platform allows users to find information about family law matters such as marriage licenses and prenuptial contracts. Couples can also take advantage of its resources to keep their marriages strong, legal, and airtight.


This site provides a wide range of legal forms that meet the needs of every state. It also includes templates for couples to navigate marriage and other post-marriage issues, such as divorce papers, joint wills, and living wills. offers legal advice for prenuptial contracts to couples who want to define their marital relationship and the inheritance or property division in the event of divorce. This platform offers legal advice on cohabitation, domestic partnerships, and their possible legal implications.


What you need to know about child support and alimony payments


This site offers comprehensive resources to help parents navigate the complex legal issues of child support and alimony. provides an interactive calculator that assists parties in calculating the amount of child support they should each contribute according to state-specific guidelines. It also offers valuable information about child custody, visitation, and parenting plans. provides information about child alimony when parents share joint parenting responsibilities, and how a court can order that financial support be paid directly to the parent with primary custody. This article explains the factors that are taken into account by the court when determining child support payments. & offer powerful platforms that provide users with essential legal advice regarding divorce and marriage proceedings. These resources provide essential help for users, whether they are looking to dissolve their marriage or keep it strong. provides users with platforms that make it easy to access legal information about family issues. These platforms provide insight into all the issues that affect spouses, children, and extended families in these trying times. Users can expect to receive documents that meet or exceed the legal requirements, as well as have quick access and education on legal matters.


Legal News and Updates


It is important to stay abreast of the latest legal developments for both individuals and businesses. provides legal news about a variety of legal topics, including legal cases and changes in laws and regulations. offers a comprehensive legal platform that provides access to legal tools and information for legal professionals, business owners, and individuals worldwide. The platform is designed to simplify legal processes while facilitating easy access to legal resources. has something for everyone. offers a variety of platforms that are easy to use, affordable, and convenient for anyone who needs legal information, whether they need professional advice or just want to learn more about legal issues.


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