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Many detergents are made up of harmful chemicals. Here's why you may need to invest in a Laundry Masher.

How can one have a good laundry with laundry masher?

A laundry masher pineapple Grenade is an earthenware plastic ball that has the shape of pineapple and grenades which  extract  dirt from your cloth and  freshen up your cloth . Laundry Marsha  serves as detergent to the removal of  stains,dirty and any offensive smells from your clothes.. This laundry masher consists of some silver-infused nano-ceramic beads that can kill bacteria greater than all the detergents in the world blended and offers you a pleasant odor of clean linen.

 Many detergents are made up of harmful chemicals, be it liquid or solid which cause  the presence of deadly disease and this will affect people that have sensitive skin and those that are allergic won’t be left out but laundry masher is way different. Laundry masher is detergent free, there is no negative side effect. Laundry mashers are first-rate for all and sundry with touchy skin, all of us with allergies, or all people who don’t like their apparel to have robust detergent smells.

Have you ever questioned why some of your favorite garments get  alchromatize  out and faded over time, detergents used in laundry are harsh on material and this is all in a bid to get rid of lubricant, filthy and difficult stains. According to the legitimate website laundry masher doesn’t require detergent that means laundry masher is detergent free. This Laundry Masher incorporates specially made Nano Silver Infused Ceramic Beads that react with the water to deep smooth clothes fast.


Product features of Laundary Masher

  •   It can withstand around 200 loads.
  •   It can be used in any washing machine.
  •   Ceramic beads absorb odors and collect dirt in this product.
  •   It lasts for 200 washes.
  •   Smells like fresh linen and makes you feel good.
  •   There will be no spills because there will be no pouring.
  •   Hypo-allergenic
  •   Microorganisms and foul odors are killed by Ceramic with Nano Silver infusion Hyper-wash beads.
  •   Nano Silver Infused Ceramic Beads
  •   Fresh Linen Scent
  •   Detergent Free
  •   Saves water
  •   Saves energy
  •   Eco-Friendly

Laundry Masher Specifications

  •   Product Size – 64 x 93.5 x 65.5mm
  •   Weight – 99g
  •   Shock absorbing thermoplastic rubber (TPR) external with polypropylene (PP) mesh core release style decreases disclosure
  •   Shock absorbing vented design for reduced rattling

How Does The Laundry Masher work?

Hundreds of ceramic balls inside the rubber sphere raise the pH level of the water as it spins in the washing machine. They help reduce the amount of negative ions in the water, creating a natural hydrogen peroxide-like effect that binds to your laundry and keeps your clothes clean and fresh. Nano-reinforced silver ceramic balls, specially developed for clothes, react with water to wash clothes quickly and cleanly. 

The use of granules creates a mechanical movement that cleans and disinfects clothing. The washing balls are agitated in the washing machine and act naturally similar to hydrogen peroxide to help reduce negative ions in the water.

They also increase the pH of the water. This will help remove dirt and bacteria from your clothes.

The pH value of the washing water has a great influence on the washing process. Too acidic or alkaline solutions can damage fabrics and fade colors. This tamper contains the most detergents on the market and can increase the pH of water to 6.5-9. Many natural ceramic beads increase the pH of water through the washing cycle. 

Ceramic balls also help reduce the amount of harmful iron in laundry, washing and washing a new washing. Load the wrecking ball into the car, sit back and watch it in action. Covering the small holes allows water to penetrate the balls and activate the granules. No matter what clothes you have or what kind of washing machine you use, twist clothes will work with it. Detergents contain many chemicals, but our washing balls are completely natural.


Types of Laundry Mashers, Prices, and Money-Back Guarantee

Consumers can order their preferred dryer washers on the official website, and here’s the collection provided by the manufacturer:

  •     1 × Laundry Masher Pineapple: It leaves the fabric with a soft feel and a pineapple scent and is available at $79.99.
  •     1 × Laundry Masher Grenade: the rugged-design masher that destroys odors sells at $79.99.
  •     1 × Dryer Masher Strawberry: It’s used for removing wrinkles and sells at $59.99
  •     1 × Dryer Masher-Softener Refill: Consumers can get the product at $19.98 for wrinkles removal.
  •     1 × Dryer masher Morning Star: Consumers can access a masher that doesn’t require a dryer sheet coating at $59.99.
  •     1 × Laundry masher -Oxygen Cleaning Tablets: they are ideal for a huge laundry load and are available at $19.98.
  •     1 × Masher Stain Remover Pen: It’s used to treat fabric stains instantly and is worth $15.98.

Each laundry masher has a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, consumers can download the user manual and easily track their shipments.

Important things to remember about Laundry Masher Grenade 

The process of washing clothes in the pineapple washing machine is very simple and easy, but there are a few things to remember.

Always wash colored and white clothes separately and read the fabric instructions before putting them in the washing machine. It is recommended to pre-treat the stain before washing.

Put the laundry and the pineapple in the washing machine at the same time

You don’t have to worry about the water temperature because the washer will run anyway.



The Ananas washing machine is a product suitable for everyone. If you do laundry from time to time, I hope you give this product a try. Whether you live alone or with loved ones, this is a very useful product for you.

This product is also suitable for cleaning staff from cleaning companies or hotels. Washing machine pineapple washes away germs, so it’s perfect for anyone who works in a dirty environment.

Where Can You Buy Laundry Masher

You can buy Laundry Masher Pineapple right now from its official website. There are plenty of replicas available out there, so make sure that you purchase the product only from the official site availing the discount offers. The product comes in two shapes: pineapple and grenade, and you can opt for anyone as both offer the same feature.

Conclusion on Laundry masher Pineapple Granade

The Pineapple Washing Machine is a highly recommended item. It is a good product that allows you to wear clean and fresh clothes without chemicals. It is compact, easy to use and lasts for at least 200 washes.

Washing machines are also environmentally friendly and do not leave harmful residues that adversely affect the skin. So, even if you want to use laundry detergent that is a mixture of soap and detergent, we recommend that you use the Pineapple Laundry Tamper at least once. Get it by clicking the link below.


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