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Fusion Hair Extensions

Know How Long Do Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Last?

Try fusion hair extensions to get your perfect hairstyle. Hair extension techniques like micro ring extensions have quickly become one of the most favored techniques among both stylists and their customers alike. 

By reading our article you will know exactly how long they last and where you can buy high quality bundles for this beauty treatment.

What You Need to Know About Fusion Hair Extensions?

Select a color of keratin that best matches the hue of your locks to blend in seamlessly, making any changes unnoticeable to others. On average, such a look should last three or four months before needing reapplication procedures to maintain it.

The service life can be affected by:

  • Keratin quality: Bad-quality bonds can slip off.
  • Hair care: Applying oily products directly on locks can degrade even high-grade keratin, and its bonds will eventually break. Also, brushing extensions too heavily could rip them out altogether and too-hot irons, curlers or dryers shorten their lifetime significantly.
  • Professionalism of the stylist: If a hair tech masters their craft and can efficiently apply bonds, their hairstyle should stay put as long as possible.

Is It Possible to Reuse Your Fusion Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can reuse the hair, provided you have chosen quality extension material.

By the way, the raw material is another factor that affects the term of wearing the extensions.

To extend it, choose:

  1. Slavic hair for fine undyed locks;
  2. Russian (dyed) for medium-dense colored hair;
  3. European for the thickest strands.

All three materials undergo high-grade disinfection processes that ensure their long-term use, with each going through up to four reapplication procedures for reuse or wearability.

Connect with I Love Slavic Hair today if you want any of these bundles designed specifically for use with the fusion technique.

Here, our friendly staff can assist in selecting an aesthetic, healthy material that provides long and comfortable wearing experience.

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