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You'd be surprised what brighter stairs can do for you home. From LED lights to mirrors, open up your space with these home design tips!

5 Ways to make your stairs look brighter

Setting the tone for the entire house begins in the hallway, but making a good first impression may be challenging.

If a hallway or staircase is too narrow, has an unusual shape, or has no windows, it might be difficult to decorate.

When you consider that these high-traffic areas are frequently used as dumping sites for coats, bags, and shoes, it’s easy to see how even the largest of spaces may quickly start to seem cramped and disorganised.

The good news is that you may make simple adjustments to these tricky locations to provide the impression of more space. Read on to learn how.

brighter stairs

1. Introduce light

Hallway ceiling lighting, as well as LED stairs light, can improve visibility and provide the impression of a larger hallway. The stairs to your home are one of its most crucial components.

The addition of a focal lighting fixture at the top of the stairs is a simple and inexpensive approach to give the impression of more height and width to the room. The lighting fixtures should be sleek and airy, so something like a glass chandelier would be ideal.

Pick out eye-catching lighting; since you won’t be spending much time in this room, you can afford to take a risk and choose something out-of-the-ordinary.

Hallways with many layers of lighting—highlighting artwork or showcasing ornate architraves and door architecture—can create a dramatic effect.

Consider installing LED stairs light shed light from below and using table lights to cast a warm glow. In a room with a low ceiling, hanging lights will look awkward. There’s a chance they’ll make the room feel even more cramped.

2. Rethink your flooring

Investing in high-quality flooring is a quick and easy way to make any area feel larger. If your floor is made of wood, get rid of the finish.

Large format tiles are the finest option for making the most of the limited floor space if you have the funds to rebuild the floor.

3. Introduce lighter colors

Rearranging the furniture and painting the walls is a quick and easy approach to update the look of a narrow staircase. Painting the walls a bright, light color will do wonders.

Using colors that contrast with one another is the most effective technique to provide the impression of openness and airiness. The walls should be painted a lighter shade, and the woodwork should be a darker shade, to create visual contrast.

brighter stairs

4. Introduce mirrors

It is possible to create the illusion of greater room in a cramped hallway or staircase by hanging mirrors and artwork. The maxim remains: the larger, the better.

Using a large mirror with a thin frame will reflect light and make the area appear larger. A white or pastel frame is also recommended to keep the artwork fresh and airy.

5. Use stair runners

If your staircase isn’t very broad, you can make it look like it’s got more room by installing a contemporary version of the traditional runner down the center.

Carpet with horizontal stripes is used because stripes are versatile and help to define space. Just paint the MDF; no one will ever see the top or bottom, so don’t fret if you live in a modern home with MDF treads instead of flooring.

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