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There are plenty of love and relationship psychics ready to give readings, but how do you know if they're the real deal?

5 Ways To Know If You’re Getting an Accurate Psychic Reading

There are plenty of love and relationship psychics ready to give readings, but how do you know if they’re the real deal? Unfortunately, scammers pretend to be mediums to take advantage of unsuspecting patrons. To protect yourself, use these five tips to determine if your reading is accurate.

1. Look for Psychics With Real Reviews

The best way to find legitimate services is to read reviews. Customers are happy to share their experiences online; some systems even allow rankings. When considering psychics, look at the top-rated names. Make sure you read a variety of reviews — including bad ones. Even high-ranked mediums have a handful of poor reviews, and reading these can give you insight into personalities that may clash with yours.

2. Online v.s. In-Person Psychic Readings

Many first-time clients worry that an online reading won’t be as accurate as an in-person one. However, psychic powers don’t vary by distance; as long as your medium connects with you on a spiritual level, you’ll have an accurate reading.

In fact, a video conference or phone appointment may be the better option. These readings are incredibly convenient since you don’t have to leave your home, and they allow you to choose a psychic from anywhere in the world.

3. Listen to Your Gut

Intuition is a powerful spiritual tool, so you should listen to yours during a psychic reading. Pay attention to how you feel, especially if you experience anything negative. Though you may not be conscious of it, you have a spiritual connection to the universe, which communicates with you in subtle ways. Your intuition is the epitome of this connection.

On the flip side, you may feel an overwhelming sense of rightness from your intuition. If you feel like pieces are falling into place, the information is accurate.

4. Find a Psychic Through a Legitimate Site

To find the most accurate psychics, you should look at websites that showcase professional mediums. Many sites carefully vet psychics to ensure clients don’t get scammed. In contrast, anyone can claim to be clairvoyant on social media platforms or public marketplaces such as Craigslist. There’s no way to read reviews through these avenues, so you never know who you’re agreeing to meet.

5. Ask Clarifying Questions

Since psychics receive messages from a spiritual source, what they say may not immediately make sense to you. When this happens, don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions. Experienced mediums use these questions for context, delving further into the subject. With enough back and forth, you should have a better idea of the universe’s message.

In contrast, a scammer may refuse to answer clarifying questions or continue to offer vague answers. Real psychics want to help their clients and will answer as many queries as they can.

Now that you know how to get the most accurate reading, it’s time to look at top online psychics. Research takes effort, but it ensures you find a medium on the same wavelength. When you vibe with your psychic, you’re more likely to feel comfortable and get the most out of a reading.

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