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How Should a Business Deal with a Flooding Situation Leading to Risks of Water Damage?

If you live in an Oregon city, you already know about this coastal beauty’s charm interwoven by different climates, landscapes, etc. The western side of this region often remains wet and mild due to the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. However, it becomes dry in the far eastern corner. No matter the location of your office or establishment in this part of the US, it is constantly exposed to the risk of natural calamities like winter storms, heat waves, wildfires, and more. Every situation needs proper handling to emerge from it. And you can consider the possibility of flooding, especially in Portland.

About 36 counties in Oregon are susceptible to flooding, and nearly 18% of properties remain at risk of severe flood conditions. The experts say giant rivers, floodplains, tall mountains, and other geographic features are responsible for this. Flooding risks usually begin from October to April, led by rainfall or snowmelt. Sometimes, these two factors combine to cause flash flooding. Interestingly, the Portland area is more vulnerable to urban flooding due to climate change. That means water damage to your property can be unavoidable. You can fall back on service providers like Sarkinen Restoration in Portland if something happens. They offer emergency services in many cases. 

Nevertheless, let’s figure out what you can do to save your commercial property in a flooding situation.

The flood scare

Maintain the record of flood details for adjusting the losses. It will give an insight into your emergency response activities and guide you about future flooding preparations. The recorded data should contain all communications and action plans. Talk to local authorities and emergency services to clarify the severity of the flood. Inform all the stakeholders of the response plan to be followed in the event of a flood and after that. Shut down utilities and operations. Move all the hazardous items to a safe location to protect your people and property. Relocate essential equipment from ground level. Drains and manual sewer backflow valve systems should be closed to avoid sewage backups. Evacuate the facility and building properly and close entry to the area for now.

The post-flood situation

Floods may leave behind damaged buildings and roads and toxic spills. If there are live electrical connections, the risk of electrocution will increase. Call the restoration experts so they can evaluate the entire scene well. Click the pictures of the damages for coverage. Let all the stakeholders know the situation. 

Urban flooding is a rising concern in the US. Since Portland is a part of Oregon, you can expect to be in such unwanted situations anytime. However, preparing for them from early on can be best to avoid major disappointments. Choose a water damage restoration company to visit your facility or office immediately. Once they reach your place, you can rely on them to take charge of the situation and bring life to normalcy. When you talk to them, make sure to ask about their pricing. Also, be sure to know what they do to manage water damage. A reliable company will be transparent in its approach.

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