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How Formal Should One Dress To Go To A Wedding?

A wedding is a day for the groom and the bride. That being said, wedding guests have an obligation to always remember to not outshine the bride and the groom by wearing something completely inappropriate and turning the day all about them. While weddings are fun and cordial events that bring huge circles of friends and family together, deciding what to wear to a wedding and, more importantly, if it’s appropriate can be a daunting task. To save you from all the hassle and time, this guide brings you a variety of formal dresses and also tells you how formal is the right formal for a wedding. 

There is an array of formal dresses for women, no matter what your style is. If you feel like showing off your curves, you may go with a classy bodycon dress, if you want to go classic and elegant, a backless slip dress is a choice for you, or if you want to make a statement and keep it chic yet pretty, a black dress with a thigh-high slit is what you should go for. All of these options and more are brought to you in one place by Hello Molly 

How Formal Should One Dress To Go To A Wedding?

Do Not Wear White

You’ve probably heard it more than enough, but this one cannot be left unmentioned. No matter how close or understanding you’re with the bride, make it a rule never to wear white and steal the bride’s thunder, which is outrageous. Even colors that are along the same lines as white should be avoided, such as off-white, cream, ivory, etc. 

Do Not Reveal Too Much

Modern weddings have very few rules and regulations than what traditional weddings used to have in the time past about formal dresses. Even so, certain things should go without saying, and one of them is not to wear a very revealing dress that goes just against a formal, subtle vibe of a wedding. While short, two-piece dresses may be a cue for a night out, a wedding calls for options like a maxi dress or a midi dress. Hello Molly has a huge range of formal dresses in maxi dresses, mini dresses, and midi dresses and a variety of colours too be it the sophisticated blue you’re looking for, a vibrant orange, or a classic black. 

Don’t Go Too Casual

Even though more and more weddings today want to keep it subtle and simple, it’s best not to take any risk and not go too crazy with the word ‘casual’. Even if the bride and the groom tell you it will be a casual affair, you should still ditch your jeans and T-shirt for your formal dresses. If you still don’t want to go to the wedding wearing something very formal, Hello Molly offers you a variety of cute and elegant mini dresses to choose from that are not that formal and also align with the required appropriate dress code at any wedding. 

Consider the Season

What kind of season the wedding takes place in, plays a crucial role in deciding what types of formal dresses you can wear to it. While summer is the season for short dresses, remember the point stated above to not go over the top and wear something inappropriately short or revealing. On the other hand, winter is an excellent season for layering up! Weddings are events that usually take a whole day with all the parties and celebrations after the ceremonial rituals. It tends to get chillier as the day progresses towards the evening. On such days, you should wear a maxi or a midi dress and carry a classy overcoat to layer it with later in the evening. 

Consider the time of the day 

Day-time weddings call for lighter colors, and over the knees dresses also go well with the sun right over our heads in the day. But if it’s an event late in the evening, a cocktail dress with long sleeves will be your best friend. At Hello Molly, there’s a huge variety of cocktail dresses to choose from that will be just perfect for your night at your close friend’s wedding. 

To put it all in a nutshell, the perfect kind of formal dress is pretty easy to choose if you know what would be appropriate to wear to a wedding and what would not be. Unlike the famous misconception, formal dresses do not necessarily have to be boring and plain. On the contrary, formal dresses can help you look classy and graceful while also accentuating your curves elegantly, or they can also come in handy when you want to go not too formal and choose a formal mini dress instead. So next time you have a wedding to attend, Hello Molly is the place to turn to for a huge range of options in style, color, size, and much more.  


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