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How detective agencies help you and how much it will cost you

How detective agencies help you and how much it will cost you

Although it may sound like a movie, detective agencies have their hands full. It’s not about people in trench coats lurking behind you or hacking you in cheap Hollywood ways. With the help of professionals in the fields of tracking, security, consulting and even forensics any case can be cracked in no time. 

How is the price formed?

Most detective services are billed per hour and will vary depending on their complexity. The number of hours in a day usually has a minimum limit, typically around 5 hours. The cost will depend on the service itself and all other factors that need to be charged, such as going to different locations, duration of investigations and even bureaucratic obligations.

For example, obtaining confidential information by researching physical and digital archives, fieldwork, or investigations into various frauds can cost between 20 and 40 euros per hour. When it comes to one-time polygraph services, prices usually range between 100 and 200 euros, while anything classified as forensic services, such as the analysis of biological material or the installation of monitoring devices, costs 2-3 times more.

When to hire a detective agency 

Detective agency will typically categorize their activities into several areas, covering all aspects needed to conduct a thorough investigation, ultimately leading to the gathering of evidence necessary for legal proceedings when required. In addition to investigative activities and fieldwork, agencies may offer polygraph services for both private and business purposes, forensic services and analyses, as well as a range of assessments, checks, and advice falling within the realm of security consulting. The most common reasons for contacting detective agencies include:

  • Investigations in the workplace: Whether you are a (future) employee or an employer, private detective services can help you conduct your job-related tasks in a more detailed and efficient manner. This includes background checks on employees, scrutinizing their CVs to verify the accuracy of provided information about their past experience through investigating the credibility of educational and business institutions where the experience was gained. It also involves interviewing former colleagues, professors, or superiors. When it comes to companies themselves, detective agencies can be consulted before entering the process of acquiring another company or establishing a long-term partnership. This is to undergo a legal-diagnostic analysis, determining the real financial condition of the company, checking for ongoing lawsuits that may tarnish its reputation, and more. Workplaces are particularly susceptible to espionage, making this another area where private investigation can be beneficial.
  • Investigations in private life: You are adopted and wish to find your biological parents. You have lost contact with a close family member, friends from your hometown, an ex-partner, or a neighbor. A missing person case involving someone close to you is ongoing, and you want to expedite the investigation. Perhaps you suspect your partner of infidelity and need someone to either dispel or confirm those suspicions so you can work on your relationship or bring it to an end. Maybe you want to partake in polygraph testing to dispel doubts surrounding an individual accused of drug abuse, gambling, pedophilia, or a range of other crimes. All of these services, with complete discretion, legal investigation methods, and professionalism at every step, can be provided by detective agencies.
  • Security: If you suspect that someone is following you or if you want to track someone to gather evidence for a potential legal case against them, on-site services provided by detective agencies can be of great assistance. Part of their services includes the removal of surveillance devices, breaking codes, and computer monitoring. Detective agencies can help you recover lost data, as well as with mobile and computer forensics, regardless of the type of problem that needs to be resolved. If you are in the process of starting a business, services such as SWOT analysis or crisis management will be beneficial.

How to hire a detective agency

The easiest way to contact an agency is by phone, as they often operate call centers that are always up-to-date. It is usually necessary to schedule a consultation, which will be very helpful if you are not sure what type of service you need. These consultations are always free and should be scheduled a few days in advance. If you prefer written communication, you can generally reach detective agencies through websites, email, or chat apps like Viber.

Do your own investigative work before you hire an agency – read about their track record and professionals they consult on cases to find the one which suits your needs the best. Their work is worth every penny, so consider this is an investment worth your money and time. 

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