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How can you enjoy this festive season in London 2022

How can you enjoy this festive season in London 2022

The festive season in London is a very magical time. As the temperature decreases, the black winter darkness is broken up by the shine of spectacular lights hanging from royal avenues and prominent buildings. Grand plazas flow with Christmas enthusiasm, and picturesque laneways fill with the delicious fragrance of roasted chestnuts drifting from mountain booths. This is the time of year when alpine towns are at their most beautiful.

The festive season in London has everything to offer, whether you want to attend a classical concert, drink in a rowdy bar, do fantastic shopping, go ice skating, or enjoy a hearty holiday feast. Below is our rundown of the top Christmas events and activities in London.

How can you enjoy this festive season in London 2022

1. Trafalgar Square

During the festive season in London, the Norwegians have a long-standing custom of presenting the city with a gift of a giant Norwegian Spruce tree as a symbol of their love and peace. Since it was first set up in 1947, going to see and gawk at the massive tree in Trafalgar Square during the Christmas season has been one of the most popular things to do in London during the holiday season for everyone. It is included among the Christmas attractions in London.

2. Westminster Abbey

The majestic church of Westminster Abbey is one of the ancient churches in London. It is located directly to the west of the Palace of Westminster and serves as a place for the royal wedding, coronation rituals, and spectacular midnight mass celebrations. Every tourist should make it a point to attend the Christmas Eve church service in London since it has a history that dates back around one thousand years. 

3. London Christmas Lights

At this time of year, every nook and cranny of London is decked up in glitter and glitz in preparation for Christmas. Everyone’s mood is quickly lifted, and they are put in a more positive frame of mind as soon as they see the dazzling Christmas decorations and the London Christmas Lights. During the Christmas season in London, one of the most well-known things to do is to stroll around the city’s lively streets. This is true from Regent Street to Trafalgar Square.

4. Hyde Park

It is one of the festive fairs everyone should go to, and missing out on the opportunity to wander about this enchanted forest would be almost as bad as sinning. It is just like the carnival you’ve always dreamed of being a part of, and it’s much better than your wildest imagination could have imagined. During the holiday season, paying a visit to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is one of the most enjoyable things one can do in London. Dinosaur Parks in London are also the best options during the festive season. This attraction is known for its mind-boggling games, never-ending supply of food booths, and delightful people.

5. Shopping

The great, energetic, and spectacular nature of London’s Christmas markets and fairs, as well as how they bring the whole city to life and bring people closer together, require no introduction. You may browse for everything under the sun and stars at the London festive markets, from the decorations to the spruce trees, from the stars to the mistletoes, and from unique home décor to vintage presents.

6. Blues Kitchen

Blues Kitchen is one of the most popular places and provides the best Sushi Buffet in London in London to go out and have a good time, and it can be found all over the city in neighborhoods like Brixton, Camden, and Shoreditch. The Blues Kitchen is the most excellent spot to celebrate the pleasure of the holiday season with family and friends, whether you want to have a traditional meal, hit the dance floor, or relax with pals over casual beverages.

7. Ice Skating

Without putting your skating talents to the test at one of London’s most well-known ice skating rinks, your time spent celebrating the festive season in London would be seriously lacking. During the holiday season in London, ice skating at one of the many rinks set against the stunning backgrounds of London’s significant monuments is a magical experience. Put on your roller skates and get ready to spin, slide, and swirl across London.


Do you already have the holiday spirit? During the festive season in London in 2022, you should be open to the possibility that you may have unexpected experiences during your travels around the city. Make plans for a trip to London over the winter, and when you get back, don’t forget to tell us about the most memorable parts of your trip.

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