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Although social media seems harmless, it may be used against you if you are charged with a DUI. Read more here about how to prevent harm to your case.

How Can Social Media Posts Hurt A DUI Case

The way everyone shares and gets information online has changed so much compared to a few decades back. You must have encountered employers asking for your social media pages, if you have any, while almost all vendors, big or small, have incorporated their marketing online through social media to generate more business with the help of online marketing systems. There’s no difference in how public offices and the government use the power of social media in managing the things on their lists.

Most social networking sites users do so to stay connected with family and friends, join groups of like-minded individuals, and stay informed about current events. And, for the most part, social media use is entirely safe for the majority of people. What was once a harmless way to share images and jokes with friends and acquaintances might now be used against you if you are charged with a felony such as DUI, these things DUI attorneys know. You should be aware that authorities may use anything you provide or upload about yourself against you in a criminal case.

Remember Not To Self-Incriminate

Even if you have not been charged, it is prudent to avoid disclosing personal information or potentially damaging photographs on social media. If you’ve been arrested for a felony, such as DUI, it’s critical to exercise caution with what you post online.

Investigators can search your social media pages for evidence against you if you’ve been charged with a crime. It is not a good idea to live-tweet your drinking night. Criminal investigators routinely collect information about defendants using social media networks.

Investigators Are Searching For Data

Prosecutors in Steubenville examined thousands of social media posts following the rape charges against two adolescents. Investigators and prosecutors can search your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts. The opposing party can even use posts made by your friends and family members against you.

What If You Had Posted Something Obscene Earlier?

Investigators and prosecutors may peruse your social media posts and shares in search of information concerning your DUI arrest. Likely, deleting potentially humiliating posts will not be sufficient to protect you. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney can help you mount a strong case and secure the best outcome possible.

Privacy Settings Are Insufficient

The law is predicated on the assumption of social media users’ genuine expectation of privacy. If you vent about your DUI arrest or case, prosecutors may be able to obtain information about it.

Are You Going To Delete Posts Or Your Whole Account?

If you’ve been arrested, the prosecutor may use images and posts on social media against you. Increase the privacy settings on your social media accounts to the utmost level possible. Do not use the internet to discuss your case or the programs you must do.

Anyone may readily find and utilize social media content. A DUI conviction is a severe offense that can have long-lasting ramifications in various areas of your life. Engage the services of a DUI attorney who is familiar with defending you and how to avoid your social media account being used against you.

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