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We are going to discuss the major categories of 90 different colors of Hedgehog species. See which species and color of hedgehog you'd love!

Hedgehog Species with Rare Hedgehog Colors

In actuality, there are an astonishing number of Hedgehog colors. There are 90 colors of hedgehog, approximately. Most of them are common as well as some are uniquely rare. Hedgehogs contain both light and dark colors. So, pet lovers can reach out to their required ones. 

Mostly, the rare colors may look a little tricky to check out at your nearby store. In this case, if you found out a rare case then there might be a breeder who can help you to get the desired one. 

We are going to discuss the major categories of these 90 different colors of Hedgehoged species. So that it lets you chose which category you like and you should go for.

Salt and Pepper The Hedgehogs

These are preferred as the Standard color hedgehogs as they are commonly available. Mostly, the Salt and pepper species has black ears, nose, and shoulder. And the remaining part of their face is white. The quills are fundamentally white but the band appears to be black. Somehow, these hedgehogs are the favorite due to their great contrast balances color body plus textured look quills look so attractive as well. 

Cinnamon The Hedgehog

The most favorite species of hedgehog pet lovers is a cinnamon hedgehog. They have a red nose, a white belly, and little surrounded pink skin on their shoulders. Moreover, their spines are white with cinnamon articulation on their bands. 

Chocolate The Hedgehog

These cute hedgehogs contain white spines with dark-brown banded. Their face is of light brown with a dark nose. Chiefly, these are a darker version of Cinnamon Hedgehog color and have a white belly. 

Grey The Hedgehog

There is always confusion in minds of people while comparing the Salt and Pepper with Grey Hedgehog. Notably, the only major difference between them is the mask as Grey one contains too much softer. The Grey hedgehog has black spines, grey shoulders, a black nose, and a black band.

Brown The Hedgehog

These hedgies have a balanced light-brown color all over their body. Mainly, they contain white spines and a light oak-brown band. Approximately, 5% of spines are of white color. Incredibly, there is a blue outer of the edges of their eyes. The shoulder skin is pink with little grey pigmentation. The nose is liver-colored with black spots.

Dark Cinnicot The Hedgehog

Dark Cinnicot contains catchy colored combinations. Their spines are white with almost 75% cinnamon banded. The remaining 25% bands have a light orange color. The shoulder area is of light pink shade and it has no masked face. The nose is liver-colored with a pinky shade rim.

Apricot The Hedgehog

It’s an astonishing neat color hedgie. Their spines are white with a 100% pale orange banded fawn. Their underbody is white and the face does not include a mask. Their beautiful eyes are fully ruby-red with a pink nose. The overall looks are so soft and clean. 

Champagne The Hedgehog

It’s again confusing while comparing Apricot and Champagne as they look alike the same. The Champagne has 75% pale orange bands with 25% of Cinnamon bands. The shoulders are light pink shoulders. The eyes are ruby red and the face is not masked. The nose is pink with a liver-colored outer rim.

Silver (Diluted Grey) The Hedgehog

This hedgehog falls in the famous category of snowflake hedgehogs. Their spines are white and black bands. Incredibly, 30 to 50 percent of the spines are solid white. Their face is black-masked along with nose and ears but the face base color is white. Their underbody and belly hair is white and the shoulders are jet-black.

Albino Hedgehogs

Albino are white as they are from the Albino category. Therefore, as all albino animals are of no color Albino Hedgehogs have no pigments and no color. Their spines are 100% white with no band anywhere. The face and total fur are white. The eyes and ears are red. The base skin and the nose are pink.

Pinto The Hedgehog

Pinto has their own color pattern rather than a color class. That’s why they are included in a separate category. Ideally, they contain no color of numerous spines and similarly to underneath belly. The remaining banding includes some color. So, they can be recognized very easily in a number of different hedgehog colors.

Platinum The Hedgehog

Almost 95 to 97 percent of spines are solid white and the remaining are white. It has a light grey band. The face is masked by black. Their nose and ears are also black. The shoulders skin is jet-black and the blotchy of the underbelly is wide.

Algerian The Hedgehogs 

Algerian hedgehogs is basically a category with a vast number of rare hedgehog colors hedgies. It includes Algerian Black, Grey, Dark Grey, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Dark Cinnicot, Apricot, Snowflakes, and more. 

They are recognizable due to their white belly. Consequently, they have a separate category. Majorly, the color of their skin and cheeks makes them a separate category. They have a large body, larger ears, and a longer nose. This species is also quite attractive.


There are hundred of hedgehog color combinations according to their color category. Its totally depends on your favourite color and choice. In above article we have not point out the little color differences but we have mentioned the major color logics that includes the Spine, ears, nose and most importantly band color. Though, just confirm the right color and specie and get your pet soon. 


What is the rarest color of the hedgehog?

In all catagories the Algerian Hedgehogs are the most rarest among hedgehogs color as they are more tricky to purchase and identify.

Are white hedgehogs rare?

Yes, the Albino the white hedgehogs are so rare because one Albino born in 100,000 hedgehog with this rare gene. They are most favourite as they do not contain any pigment or spines color. 

What colors can hedgehogs be?

The four main category of colors are Hedgehogs fall. Pinto, Algerian, White and Black. Honestly, it looks hard to tell about different combinations of the hedgehog colors. 

How much does a blue hedgehog cost?

Blue hedgies are also famous in pet lovers. They are available in 100$ to 300$.

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