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Get Your Hair Extensions Done at the Ivy Hair and Extension Lounge

Lots of things can affect how your hair looks and feels. The products you use, your haircare routine, your haircut, and what you eat all matter. You can control those things. But the beauty industry doesn’t always tell you that genetics matter too. Not everyone can grow Rapunzel-like tresses on a whim.

Here’s a little secret – not everyone with gorgeous hair grows it themselves either.  Hair extensions allow them to have the locks they have always dreamed of.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the easiest (and sometimes only) way of getting the hair you have always dreamt about. Apart from making your dreams come true, hair extensions also:

  • Add volume and length to your natural hair.
  • Allow you to experiment with color without colouring your natural hair.
  • Give you the confidence long hair does if you have suffered from hair loss or difficulty growing out your natural hair.
  • Hide any gaps in your natural hair.

There’s no denying that hair extensions add plenty of glam into your life and many of the clients of The Ivy Hair and Extension Lounge love how they make them feel. Nova Hamilton said this in her Google Review, ‘I get compliments on my hair all the time… Even close friends I haven’t seen in years think I grew this myself.’

High Quality Hair Extensions Matter

The stylists at the Ivy Hair and Extension Lounge are extremely particular about the quality of the extensions they use as they blend seamlessly with your natural hair for an instant transformation. The extensions at the hair salon are ethically sourced from a distributor.

They use only best quality hair extensions referred to as Remy (or Remi) hair extensions. These are extensions where the hair is untreated and has the cuticle intact. While Remy hair extensions may seem pricey at first, they save you money in the long run as you don’t have to replace them as often as synthetic or low-grade human hair extensions – provided you follow your stylist’s care instructions of course. When it comes to caring for your hair extensions, your hair stylist at The Ivy has you covered. You’ll find products at the salon from top hair care brands like Davines, Unite, and Amika so that you can look after your new hair properly.

How your extensions are attached also matters. Clip-in extensions are great if you want to change your look only occasionally while wefted extensions are perfect if you want to keep your long hair on a more permanent basis.

The Ivy Hair and Extension Lounge – Your Go To Hair Salon for Extensions in Calgary

The Ivy Hair and Extension Lounge is a salon in Calgary that specializes in helping women achieve the hair of their dreams. The salon was started by Jamie Carson and Hillary Tran, both senior stylists and hair extension specialists with over a decade of experience each. They specialize in clients with fine to thinning hair and help women achieve the hair of their dreams with their custom extension installation technique that helps build fullness and length without damaging your natural hair.

If you’re unsure about hair extensions and if they are right for you, The Ivy offers complimentary hair consultations, so you understand what they have to offer. Browse the services offered here or get in touch to book your appointment today!



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