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We Believe You Can Beat Boredom Once And For All With These 6 Techniques By Livebeam


It’s important to understand that boredom and feeling overly busy or anxious are two sides of the same coin. Some people think they are being overly ambitious by attempting to combat busy life and chronic boredom at the same time.
However, an inability to manage your attention can result in boredom. Keep reading the article to learn how to avoid being bored using suggestions by Livebeam.

So what is boredom?
Boredom is the perception that there aren’t enough worthwhile ways to occupy one’s time. Being busy causes forced boredom. This indicates that despite feeling like there are excellent ways to spend your attention, it keeps getting taken away. This research suggests that boredom can happen for so many reasons.
Boredom and being busy are subjective feelings. You cannot stand outside and declare that everything is chaotic or monotonous. Saying that these emotions are subjective is obvious, but it ignores a crucial point. The real issue is quality.

When your attention is directed toward engaging activities, you are neither bush nor bored. You may get bored doing low-quality activities because they are uninteresting, unfun, irrelevant, too simple, or too complex for us.
You may find yourself getting completely engaged in different activities like spending time with family, going on road trips, or vacations. Do you understand why you are so engaged in these activities and not others?
The possible reason is the great quality of those activities, your consciousness gets more attached or devoted to them. Your whole reality usually revolves around what you are doing.

Improve the quality of your activities and beat boredom with these 6 tips:
Here are ways you can improve the quality of your activities if you are feeling extremely bored.

  • Plan ahead 

Make a schedule for your life to prevent lengthy voids or work overloads later. If you frequently feel bored, this might entail planning high-quality experiences. If you find yourself constantly busy, it may also involve splitting up large projects.

  • Plan your next holiday events now. This will give you something to look forward to, it will also help you stay focused and productive.
  • Find out which activities are eating so much of your time. Are you able to fit all the work into your schedule?
  • Prioritize
    You’ll never have enough time if you don’t manage your time well. You never have enough time to complete everything that needs to be done. Get your values in order so that the most important things in life don’t take over your life and the highest priorities are attended to first. For example, you can catch up with your friends on Livebeam or watch streams after work.

Assess how everything you do advances or hinders the vision you have for your life after you have set it. Most likely, some of the things that bore you are also some of the things that don’t fit with your vision. You can try to make low-priority activities more meaningful after you’ve identified them, or you can figure out how to stop doing them altogether.

  • Try to turn boring activities into great experiences

You’ll get bored if you have to do something you believe to be of low quality. Find ways to organize your life differently so that tasks, obligations, and jobs can be interesting, worthwhile experiences.
Turn boring tasks into chances for improvement and education. For instance, while cycling to work or cleaning the house, listen to a lecture or audiobook.

  • Use your time wisely

We are not suggesting that you build a whole bridge between yourself and reality every time you find yourself feeling bored. It is important to understand that if you can find high-quality experiences in your environment, you can find it within yourself too.

Without the influence of outside stimuli, you can explore your mind in a variety of ways, including problem-solving, reviewing knowledge, developing fresh concepts, writing stories, and making plans. Think of boring times as brainstorming opportunities. If you can use the time to explore possibilities in your mind, it will be easier to deal with mundane reality.
If you’re stuck, try imagining a story involving two to three nearby people and objects. This is a fantastic way to develop your creative thinking and keen observational abilities.

  • Set yourself open to the world 

Even though habits are part of life, they are not the only thing. If the patterns in your habit are not getting you where you want to be, you’ll need to break away from them. Get out there and meet new people instead of staying inside. Livebeam is a great place to meet new people to share thoughts and feelings. For a more active and fun activity, you can go to your local club on Friday night or on the weekend. Try to do something that will help you get away from the old.

Schedule your time and ensure you have time when you can break from your routines. Your life will thrive if you can have enough time to break from your daily routine.  Feeling compelled to do something can lead to a lot of mental unease. Some people feel overwhelmed when they need to do different things and work at the same time. Accept that you don’t need to change anything; just be open to different outcomes. Freedom is a state of mind.

Consider whether the discomfort-causing activity is necessary or not. Paying your bills, for instance, is a necessity, but you can opt for a modest lifestyle or actively look for a job you like. To reassure yourself of your freedom, repeat a mantra. The statements “I am free” and “I can alter my circumstances” can support this idea.

  • Take some time to stop

Being bored and feeling overburdened patterns. They are self-reinforcing mental spirals that you create for yourself. You can frequently come up with a good solution independent of these recommendations if you just take a brief break and give the issue some more thought.
To escape boredom, try meditation. Sometimes feeling removed from what you are doing is what makes you busy and bored. Put yourself firmly in the moment by practicing meditation.

Start practicing gratitude. When you’re feeling overly busy or bored, take a moment to reflect on all the positive aspects of your life. You can count your blessings when you can simply state, “I have food to eat,” and “I have a roof over my head”.
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