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Factors to put into consideration when buying Shade Nets

A shade net is a material used to create a partially shaded environment to protect people, plants, and animals from direct sunlight. It is primarily used in agriculture and specifically in horticulture to protect the crops from excess sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, and high temperatures that may sunscald, dehydrate or cause other related damages to the plants. They also reduce water loss.

Shade nets come in various sizes, colors, and even shapes. They are easy to install, thus making them popular for different shade applications. Below are some things to have in mind when seeking to purchase a shade net:

  • Shade percentage

Shade nets have different shading percentages that range from 30% to 95%. The rate of shading you choose depends on what you intend to use the shade for. Figure out how much light and heat you want to filter to achieve your expected results, especially if using the shade for horticulture. Different plants may require different levels of shade percentages.

  • Size of the shade

This factor depends on the extent of land or area you wish to shade. Make sure the size of the shed you go for is large enough to cover the entire area comfortably so that there’s room for movement and growth in the case of plants. It is advisable to take measurements of the site and allow room for different measurements to avoid inconveniences.

  • Material Of The Shade Net

There is a variety of materials that are used to make shade nets. These include but are not limited to high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and woven fabrics. The shade net price in Kenya is primarily influenced by the type of material from which it is made. Therefore ensure you choose one that assures you of durability and good quality.

  • The cost

It is expected that before purchase usually, one has drafted a rough budget to avoid overspending. Choose a net shade that fits within your budget without causing you any compromise while at the same time getting value for the money that you pay. Sometimes cheap can be costly in the long run, so be sure to buy an affordable, long-lasting shade.

  • Installation

Please ensure that you buy a shade that can be easily installed. Determine before your purchase whether it is one that you could install by yourself or whether it would require professional assistance so that you are not stuck and frustrated at the time of installation. One that does not require professional assistance would be cost-efficient because no extra fees are required.

  • The color

Finally, when buying shade nets, ensure you put some consideration into the color of the shade. The ability of the shade to block UV light can be affected by color. Darker colors offer better shading, while lighter colors provide more ventilation.


The above-listed factors are a great guide to choosing a shade net that serves the purpose for which you intended. Considering these factors, you can be assured that you are many steps ahead in ensuring you get the best value for your money.




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