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Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Compressor

A compressor is a mechanical device that increases a gas’s pressure by reducing its volume. It can also be used to transport the fluid through a pipe, but since gases are compressible, a compressor is mainly used for gases, unlike liquids.

This article, in detail, discusses the factors that should be considered when purchasing an air compressor. Are you interested in acquiring a compressor? This article will enlighten you on the factors you should consider. The air compressor price in Kenya results from the machine’s features.

You should ensure that the air compressor you’re buying is of high quality and has the required features; below are the factors you should consider before purchasing this machine;

  • The horsepower

This is the measure of the motorized power of the compressor. There is horsepower for more heavy-duty work, but most compressors have 1-2 HP horsepower. For simple home projects, consider buying a horsepower with not more than 7-1 HP. For example, inflating your vehicle tires requires a low-powered air compressor.

  • The CFM requirements

CFM is the Cubic Foot per Minute, measuring how much air can be produced per minute at a given pressure. A compressor requires two variables to work: pressure and volume. The more you compress an element, for instance, tires, the volume reduces, and the pressure increases. CFM also indicates how long an air compressor will require refilling after a blow.

  • The PSI [Pound per Square Inch]

It is also known as the air pressure requirement. It is used to measure the air pressure in an air compressor. PSI has a chamber where the air is compressed at a high rate; this fuels other parts and completes your work. Running a jackhammer, nail gun, and ratchet requires a higher PSI.

  • Fuel and power type

There are two types of air compressors: gas-powered and electric-powered. Electric-powered can be used for simple home renovation projects, while gas-powered air compressors are suitable for heavy duties. Therefore you should consider the project you want to do and purchase a relevant compressor.

  • Tank size

The tank size also determines the air compressor price in Kenya. This air compressor tank is not fuel; it has a chamber where the compressed air is stored. A large tank continuously supplies your project with compressed air with a lot of pressure compared to the small tanks.

  • Noise

Some air compressors are noisier; therefore, you should always require less noisy compressors at home. Gas-powered are noisier than the electric-run; you should always prefer electric-run air compressors at home.

  • Portability

For simple home renovation projects, consider a portable air compressor because you may always require to move it from one place to another. Modern compressors are lightweight and portable, making them more flexible. Most air compressors have wheels and handle for easy movement. It would be best to consider these factors before purchasing an air compressor.


Air compressor prices can be affected by a number of the factors discussed above. It would be best if you bought an air compressor of more quality and also considered your priority. This article is relevant, especially for those who want to buy an air compressor machine.


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