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Exploring the Krasinski/Blunt Family! Information on Their Two Children

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt keep their family life under tight wraps. Even while John and Emily are obviously proud of their children, they don’t exactly parade them around Los Angeles or post pictures of them on social media to prove it.

Daughters of the Famous Hollywood Couple

Hazel and Violet are the daughters of the famous Hollywood couple. John and Emily, who wed in 2010, raise their family out of the spotlight to provide a “normal” childhood for their children. However, every once in a while, the couple will talk about their adorable children.

John made his SNL hosting debut in January 2021, and he dedicated the show to his daughters. The Quiet Place actor sported a black crew neck jumper with white letters reading ‘H + V’ as he brought the concert to a close. John’s stylist Ilaria Urbinati wrote on Instagram that he “wanted to have [his daughters’] initials monogrammed on his shirt” as a touching gesture.

While hosting the classic comedy series, the ex-Office star brought up Hazel and Violet as well. John shared the humorous pre-show conversation he had with his daughters, in which he tried to impress upon them just how much he was looking forward to his SNL appearance. John was frustrated because his girls didn’t get it.

Hazel A. Krasinski

On February 16, 2014, John and Emily welcomed a daughter, Hazel. The Some Good News actor took to Twitter to announce the birth of his daughter Hazel Krasinski, despite the fact that he and his wife have been quite quiet about their family life ever since the arrival of their first kid.

I just wanted to make sure the word got out. He and his wife Emily were “overwhelmed with joy” to announce the birth of their daughter Hazel on Twitter. Birthday greetings!

Unusual Photo of Hazel Online

In May of 2014, John did post a very unusual photo of Hazel online. Reiterating his desire for privacy, he said, “Pictures of children should only come directly from parents.” Since then, he has refrained from posting any further pictures of his daughters online. Emily doesn’t even use any form of online networking.

Hazel’ Jokes are alike her Parents

John did say in February 2020 on Ellen DeGeneres’ show that Hazel has begun making jokes like her famous parents. John and Emily had been together for 10 years, so to celebrate, he decided to construct a photo wall. Hazel provided her comedic advice as he arranged the frames holding the placeholder photographs.

Violet Krasinski

Violet joined her parents in this world in June of 2016. John Tweeted a similarly heartwarming message to herald Violet’s birth as Hazel did.

When asked how he wanted to commemorate Independence Day, he exclaimed, “By announcing the arrival of our fourth family member!!!” Violet was born in the middle to late of June. We had our beautiful daughter Violet two weeks ago.

The couple’s children are still young, but according to John, even the youngest one has a passion for music. The gorgeous man recalled Violet’s low-octave singing during his February 2018 visit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

He recalled, “And all of a sudden, Violet goes, ‘Yeah, baby,'” That far down! My first question to Emily was, “Has she heard this song before?” What was it, second of all? And her response was, “I have no idea.”

Emily appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live

In 2020, when Emily appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she was overjoyed to share the news that her daughters had adopted British pronunciations. Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, they both continued their formal education in London.

Emily: “My little one emailed me a video of her singing ‘Jingle Bells,’ and she [sung in an] almost Cockney [accent]. “It was very reminiscent of Dick Van Dyke performing ‘Jingle Bells.'” Incredibly bizarre pronunciation. It was actually rather ingenious.

Emily played the title role in the 2018 sequel to Mary Poppins. Emily’s youngest daughter prefers the original 1964 Disney picture despite her enthusiasm for the remake.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” I overheard John ask Violet. In the first month of the year 2020, Emily revealed this to Ellen DeGeneres. And her response is, “Yeah, Mary Poppins” And he asks, “Do you want to watch Mommy’s Mary Poppins or Julie Andrews?” To which she responded, “No no!” Screaming, “Julie Andrews! Julie Andrews!”

Friendship of Hazel and Violet

Hazel and Violet are two friends who love to laugh and have a huge heart. During the height of the epidemic, they assisted in a fundraising effort to aid those employed in the hotel sector. All of the earnings from the sale of the t-shirts and tote bags that the sisters created will be donated to Guy Fieri’s Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF).

Hazel leaned over and said, “So good,” on my shoulder. Do you not think you should display photographs of us?'” he remembers her asking. The phoney households in the photographs were to blame! It blew my mind. She seemed genuinely worried that anything was wrong with me.

John and Emily have made it clear that they don’t want their girls to know about their popularity. Emily told The Sunday Times in an interview published in May 2021 that she would be “thrilled” if her girls were “oblivious” to her and her husband’s celebrity position. Hazel’s interest in her parents’ celebrity has grown with age.

“It’s a weird thing to figure out,” Emily said. “[She] came home the other day, and we were in the kitchen, and she goes, ‘Are you famous?'”

Emily’s Unique Glimpse at Marie Claire Readers

Emily gave Marie Claire readers a unique glimpse into her family in February 2021, when she discussed her daughters Hazel and Violet for the first time. The star of Sicario has said she is teaching her daughters compassion.

“I encourage empathy in my kids and embracing differences and not being scared of them or teasing people for them, you know?” she said to the media. “It’s healthy to make mistakes, or at least to feel that you have something that makes you make mistakes. It’s how you get smarter and more developed.


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